• Time sharing operating system allowed interactive usage and simultaneous use of these system by a large number of users

• Unbundling of software from hardware gave users of these system an opportunity to invest only in software of there need and values • The mini-Computer of the third generation made available even affordable price to smaller companies

Fourth • The average number of electronic components packed on silicon chip doubled each year after 1965 . When it was possible to integrate over 30000 electronic components on a single chip followed by Very large scale integration (VLSI). This progress soon led to era of Large scale integration (LSI). . when it was possible to integrate about one million electronic components on single chip.

Another significant development during the 4G was the spread of high-Speed computer networking which enabled multiple computers to be connected together .during forth generation .• Storage :. resulting large random access memories . magnetic memory replaced by semiconductor memories. Floppy disk was very popular as portable medium 1. very fast access time . to enable them to communicate and share data • LAN was very popular and Wide area network gave rise to network of computer and distributed system .44 MB • Networking:.

no air condition was required for PC . • They were totally general purpose machines . • They were more reliable and less prone to hardware failure than 3G. The maintenance cost was negligible • They had faster and larger primary and secondary storage.• The PC were smaller and cheaper than the mainframe or minicomputer of the 3G • They were located . • The consumed much less power than the third generation computer.

• Network enabled computers sharing resources like disks printers etc among the multiple computers and their users. • Personal computer invented . • In addition unbundled software .• Graphical user interface enabled new user to quickly learn how to use computer. these system also used add-on hardware feature .

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