PROJECT TIME FRAME (SCHEDULE) ID Task Name 1 Brainstorming of Final Year Project Topic: searching for a societal problem

2 Writing Final Year Project Proposal Duration 1 wk Start Tue 10/23/12 Finish Mon 10/29/12 Resource Names E November B M E December B M E January B M E February March B M E B M E April B M E May B M E June B M E July B M

1 wk

Thu 11/1/12

Wed 11/7/12 Internet and similar past Projects,Papers and Journals Fri 1/11/13 national poulation Comission,Internet

Internet and similar past Projects,Papers and Journals

3 Sourcing for Population figure of the area both on the Internet and the Nigerian Population Commission 4 Mapping and Geo-Information 5 Estimating Water Demand

4 wks

Mon 12/17/12

national poulation Comission,Internet

2 wks 3 wks

Fri 1/18/13 Thu 2/21/13

Thu 1/31/13 Google Earth Software Wed 3/13/13 Community Population,UN estimate of water consumption per capita Fri 2/15/13 Thu 3/28/13 Laboratory and Test guides

Google Earth Software Community Population,UN estimate of water consumptio

6 Tank Siting and Surveying 7 Laboratory Tests

4 wks 4 wks

Mon 1/21/13 Fri 3/1/13

Laboratory and Test guides

8 Structural Design

14 wks

Thu 2/7/13

Wed 5/15/13 Design Codes and Standards

Design Codes and Standards

9 Design Output, printing and Documentation

1 wk

Mon 5/20/13

Fri 5/24/13


Milestone Summary Project Summary Page 1

External Tasks External Milestone Deadline

Project: timeframe project Date: Wed 11/7/12

Split Progress

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