Sage agathiar's rules for good family life Meditate siva chakra while waking up in morning.

Avoid index finger for brushing the teeth Chant sri gomathi narayana three time Take food after bathing.Offer food to dog,crow and cow. Always keep money on left side chest shirt pocket Take oil bath weekly twice.Gents should take it on wednesday and saturday.Ladies on tuesday and friday. Avoid cutting nails and facial shave on sunday, tuesday and friday. Avoid hair cut in the Tamil month of Masi,Aani,Margali and Puratasi. Use of flowers should be limited for daily use and they should be fresh. Path where abishega water is flowing should be cleaned, decorated with santhanam and kungumam and lamp light should be shown. On magam nachatra cows should be feeded with agathi keerai for removing death fear Lamps should be cleaned on sunday,thursday and saturday Pooja must be offered to kula deiva atleast once in a year. Gents should wear dhotties instead of lungi to avoid poverty. New clothes should be placed in pooja with white lotus by touching it with little bit of kungumam Bamboo material or silver glass should be used for drinking water Maruthani should be used often Avoid beating children to avoid poverty and disease Thanks to sithan arul's blog

Kurma or Tortoise and other gods. which is said to be the place of gods like Gauri. Pusha and Brihaspati Devas. Indra. It also has four bindus (dots). good health. success and long life. Swstik is understood to be a symbol associated with god’s powers. it is blessed with forever happiness. The Vedas that are spoken during dev puja’s. The left side of the Swastik is understood to be the place of Lord Ganesha. . Swastik is the form of Lord Ganesha. Garud. As per mythology. wealth. kindness and trust always. prithvi. happiness. peace. This peace mantra is: Swasti Na Indro Vridhshravaah Swasti Na Pusha Vishwadevaah Swastinasta Raksho Arishtnemi Swasti No Brihaspatirdhatu It is said that in this mantra. which has love. And when Lord Ganesha resides in such a place. lord Ganesha is remembered or thought of for peace. Veda too is said to be a form of ‘Swastik’ that is lord Ganesha.Every work and festival in Hindu religion starts by making a Swastik sign. This mantra determines that Lord Ganesha resides only in those places. good luck as well as an auspicious thing. good emotions. the four times used Swasti means asking for blessings four times from Lord Ganesha.

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