Frog Jump - Place 5 Lilly pads in a row hop onto each one and back again

Bear Walk - The child bends from the waist/hips, keeping legs straight and touching hands to the floor, the child moves forward keeping the head up.

Bird Walk - Put a line of masking tape on the floor. The child stands on tiptoes, flapping arms like wings and walks the line - not falling off

Crab Crawl - From a squatting position, the child reaches backwards to place the hands on the floor behind the back. Trying to keep the trunk straight, try moving forward, backwards and sideways. Do this down the hall if you are in a smaller space.

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Monkey climb - have child climb over chairs in a row or climb up and down a step ladder.

Duck walk - The child squats down and walks forward in the squatted position.

Kangaroo jumping - set up three lines or skipping ropes, allowing enough distance for a child to jump between the lines.

Cheetah run - run as fast as the child can from one end of the room to the other

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