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Design Science


Will Pollard @will789gb

Mooc is News

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Mooc requires Design Science

Routledge 2012 #oldsmooc

Design Science revives Scientific Leadership


Towards best or better practice in corporate leadership development: operational issues in mode 2 and design science research John Burgoyne, Kim Turnbull James
British Journal of Management Volume 17, Issue 4, pages 303316, December 2006

Definition from Antony Upward

Design Science is not Social Science

Social science research, by contrast, does not aim for or achieve evaluative conclusions. It is restricted to empirical (rather than evaluative) research, and bases its conclusions only on factual resultsthat is, observed, measured, or calculated data. Michael Scriven

Learning Design can support MoSO

The OLDS MOOC is about an online design studio for massive open online courses. Related methods relate to online aspects of conferences, any online learning. The MoSO content can be in different formats and combinations. (Discussion can continue later)

Main points
1. Design science interest is coming from user experience design 2. Ideas can be revived about organisation and management as they cohere with design science. 3. MoSO / Strongly Sustainable Business can use Teaching Design to develop web sites and other forms of content.