Leduc County responds to Edmonton’s ambitious annexation

Edmonton’s southern boundary to and including the International Airport. While Leduc County enjoys goodwill relations with its neighbours, the County feels no obligation to hand over County investments and future tax base to another municipality. The County has its own vision for growth and will ensure that annexation proposals are not detrimental to County ratepayers. “These lands are attractive to our neighbors because of the forward planning undertaken by Leduc County to ensure our sustainability. Annexation notices bring a sense of frustration when a neighboring municipality wants us to forfeit our tax base for their benefit,” says Mayor John Whaley. Historically, Leduc County has collaborated with neighboring municipalities to maximize mutual benefits where economic and population growth requires new plans. This spirit of collaboration will continue to be the way forward as Leduc County assesses Edmonton’s proposal. This is not a decision for a handful of people to make. The County will ensure residents and the business community are invited to participate in evaluation of this proposal. “A strong, sustainable County is vital to ensuring the entire region can compete in the global market and continue to attract investment, business and jobs,” says Mayor Whaley. “Leduc County is one of the fastest growing communities in the region and needs to protect it’s investments and have the ability to grow and foster economic diversity.” Any proposed annexation has to be measured against the County’s established plans and future intentions. This includes maintaining a mix of residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural development. -30For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact: Lynn White, Executive Assistant Lynn@leduc-county.com 780-955-4560 www.leduc-county.com

M arch 6, 2013 (Leduc County) …The City of Edmonton has initiated a process to extend

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