Duplicate and Overpayment Refund Information

Printed copies of this information may NOT be used as proof of payment when applying for a refund. Property Index Number (PIN): 07-20-400-017-1303 (This information is as of: 3/1/2013) Your search returned 1 result(s). Refund Information for Tax Year '08 Tax Type: Current Tax Volume: 187 Refund Information Mailing Information Tax Amount Paid: $4,570.84 JAMES F NOVOTNY Tax Amount Billed: $2,883.25 17 DENNIS CT Refund Amount Due: $1,687.59 SCHAUMBURG, IL 60193-1227 To avoid having your refund application returned and needing to re-apply, it is important to submit all necessary proof(s) of payment so that we may process your refund application promptly.

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