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Gill-Ville… Jr. Area Comp . March 2013
Mark your Calendars…

Character Ed. Assembly Friday, March 8th Pita Lunch Days Wed., March 6 and
Mondays, March 18 & 25

Character Education:
Last month we spent time talking about “FAILURE LEADS TO SUCCESS” and recognizing the making mistakes leads to learning. Students learn that it’s ok to take risks and that they might not get it right the first time. Congratulations go out to Andrew, our February Student-of-theMonth winner! During the month of March we will be focusing on the key “OWNERSHIP” key.

New Food and Milk Ordering:
Our new food and milk delivery service with Elementary School Nutrition Services begins on Monday, March 18. You can begin placing your orders online at any time. Just visit the site and create an account to get started! http://esns.ca

March Break – No School Monday, March 11th – Friday, March 15th Earth Science Museum Trip Tuesday, March 19th School Council Meeting Wed, March 20th NEW Sub Lunch Days Wednesdays, March 20th & 27th Safety Village Trip
Thursday, March 21st

March Break:
March Break occurs during the second week of the month. Students’ last day of school will be Friday, March 8th. School will resume again on Monday, March 18th. Have a safe and fun-filled break! Please note the date changes to Pita lunch days, the addition of sub lunch days, and the healthy snack options that are also new on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The nutritious meal options are endless! Our class will continue to help distribute the milk and special lunch items each day. For our work, we will earn a small profit that will go towards our year-end celebrations and class trips.

Good Friday & Easter Monday Holidays – No School Friday, March 29th & Monday, April 1st

Angry Birds Animation Project:
Our class worked hard to write the biggest blog post the students have ever written about our Angry Birds Animation project. Each student included at least 3 different types of media (images, sounds, video clips, etc) in their posts. Their final animation videos are included at the end of each blog post. When writing, we were working on explaining, in detail, the steps so that others could learn from our project and try it if they wanted to. Each paragraph needed to introduce WHAT we did, explain HOW we did it, include lots of DETAILS, and conclude with a personal thought, connection, or reflection. When you read our work, we hope you notice all the planning, writing, and editing we put into this job. Please visit our blog site and leave us a comment on this amazing project. We’ve had teachers from high schools in Kitchener and Cambridge, as well as a teacher in British Columbia, leave us comments on our work. We are very proud! http://kidblog.org/gill-villeans On February 12th we celebrated the 100th day of school and the passing of the halfway point in our school year. Students participated in a 100s Day math activity and a physical challenge. We were impressed with some of the math facts students added to their 100’s day math homework!

Oral Hygiene:
We have spent some time talking about all of the things we can do to keep our mouths healthy. We have learned about brushing our teeth after meals, regular visits to the dentist, things to avoid that are harmful such as smoking and eating lots of sugar, and foods that help protect and strengthen teeth. We have created informative videos about oral hygiene in the Common Craft style of explaining concepts. This method involves moving illustrations in and out of the frame, while a narrator explains and informs. Our videos are posted on our class wiki site! Check them out here: http://bit.ly/106qm1X

Kenyan Connection:
In one of our blog posts to our friends in Kenya, they asked about toys. They did not know what toys were. Our class decided that we would send them some small toys to play with. Run for Life coordinator, Mr. John Carson is traveling to Kenya and has picked up our package to deliver later this month. The students in our class decided on purchasing a bunch of smaller toys that would take up less luggage space. We bought spinning tops, playing cards, tiny stuffed animals, tennis balls, crayons and colouring books, play dough, mini footballs, and silly putty. We are excited to hear back from our blogging buddies when they receive our gifts!

Dreambox Update:
The students in our class have been enjoying using the Dreambox math site. Some students have been working on it at home as well and have logged an extra three hours on the system! This is great! We encourage students to practice the math activities at home. Remember that Dreambox takes note of student mistakes and places them at a more appropriate level. Please do not assist your child to complete a difficult activity. Instead, help talk them through the game or problem. Sometimes just asking them questions will help them understand the instructions.

Welcome to our new Principal, Mrs. DuncanPeacock:
We were excited to welcome our new principal to Ryerson on March 1st. We know she is going to love it here at Ryerson. We decided to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell her a little bit about our class. Check out our talking avatars that we created for Mrs. DuncanPeacock and posted on our blog: http://bit.ly/VT2gba

Upcoming Trips:
We have 2 trips the week we return after March Break. Please make sure to return both permission forms and the $5.00 for the bus to the Earth Science Museum. We will have 2 more trips coming up, in early April, as well, one to the Children’s Museum and one for a bowling outing. Look for information and permission forms coming home soon.