Blue Cat Productions

Production Log 4 4th March: Meeting with Client Today I met with my client to discuss what music would be played in the background to keep the beat and pace going throughout the video. We came up with many possibilities on what genre of music to use. We came to the conclusion that we would make our own music giving that the video will be published on the internet so there are copyright issues we would have to consider if using existing music. My client and I have many connections with those involved in music that are willing to contribute their part in the video by producing us a piece. It won’t be difficult for me to get access to a recording studio as one of my connections owns a recording studio and is allowing me to have access to it when needed. My client has a friend who can write and produce music so GH is going to contact her and ask if she would happily write and produce a piece of music for us. The genre which we were debating on using was an upbeat country rock style. It will have a quick beat but a steady pace and will work along nicely to what we want. We will begin writing and producing our own music as soon as possible and will begin editing it within the footage.

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