Blue Cat Productions

Production Log 5 First Shoot, 6th March Today we captured our first piece of footage at NUA Photography studio. In this shoot GH was capturing still life with flowers in a glass bowl of blue water. She did this as part of her project is to use the colour blue. GH used a variety of shots and angles to capture her image. Even though this shoot was a practice run for GH before she does her final project, it gave an understanding on what she wants and an understanding for me. With this shoot I managed to capture over 40 minutes of GH photographing her work. In the footage I captured behind the scene clips of GH and where she creates her elegant and soft images. I filmed the surrounding of the studio from when GH arrived at the studio and her setting up the equipment. I also captured some of the outside buildings as the studio is located on historic grounds with beautiful stone work and texture. I think that the shoot went well and I captured enough footage for me to begin editing and get an idea of the promo video. My client and I have discussed when we will next start shooting and the techniques we want. On our next shoot we plan on shooting with a GoPro camera to get a point of view shot from GH’s perspective and to get a feel of what it is like to be behind a camera from a different view. We will also attempt to use the GoPro camera while driving to the studio to get the very beginning of the story. How we will do this is by attaching the camera to the car to capture the depth and speed. In editing with this shot I will speed it up and use it at the beginning of the video as an introduction. Another technique which I used a lot in today’s shoot was the in and out of focus. With this technique I will use as transitions to introduce a new shoot or image.