1. The Relevant information:Facebook:Facebook is a social media networking site introduced in 2004 .

Its popularity rose exponentially as more and more people joined the network .Gradually it became more than just a social networking site , it became a powerful tool of expressing one’s views and the exchange of ideas. In 2010 Facebook had 350 million users the data base of Facebook grew so huge that it was necessary to open a new data Center. Face book selected Prineville, Oregon as the location for the new data Centre. Prineville was selected as the new data Centre for the following reasons:I. II. III. IV. V. It had a suitable climate for environmental cooling. It had the required power resources. It had available land. It had a talented work force. Supportive business environment.

Greenpeace:Greenpeace was established in 1970 with a primary objective of stopping the ongoing U.S military nuclear-weapon testing at Amchitka Island, Alaska. By the mid 1980s, Greenpeace was a household name. The campaign worked on the following core values :I. II. III. IV. V. Bearing Witness Non-violence Independence No permanent Friends and Foes Promoting Solutions.

Greenpeace had many high-profile accomplishments .Some of them are as follows :I. II. III. In 1975, it forced France to end nuclear atmospheric testing in the South Pacific Ocean. In 1982, it forced the International Whaling Commission to to impose a moratorium against whaling. In 1993 its actions led to a permanent ban on dumping of radioactive and industrial wastes in oceans.

Greenpeace got 500000 supporters for this page. Increase the use of clean energy to make Facebook coal free. Greenpeace wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerburg. Define the problem How should Facebook respond to strong opposition from Greenpeace without putting their brand and public image at stake and if there is really a harm to the environment by their data . Advocate for clean energy at the local. 2010 Facebook announced it would be opening a new data center facility in Prineville. III. Oregon.also they launched a video of 2 minutes in Youtube “The so coal network “which was viewed by over 200000 people in just 1 week 2. Greenpeace wanted that the electricity used should be procured from cleaner sources. In response to this Facebook official Schnit posted a blog by declaring that though they are using coal as a source of energy their overall carbon footprint will be minimized because of the climatic conditions that prevails in Prineville . toxic pollution. the CEO of Facebook to exhibit good corporate citizenship to over 500 million users of Facebook and highlighting the environmental implications due to their data Centre. Greenpeace CEO posted that letter on Facebook site . To raise their campaign Greenpeace utilized Facebook itself by creating a group page that provide detailed information about company’s decision to build a new data Centre using coal as the energy source . agriculture. On January 21. oceans.So by 2010 Greenpeace was involved in a wide range of issues. Upon discovering that the electricity used to power the new data center was procured from a utility provider that sourced from burning coal Greenpeace launched a campaign against Facebook. Greenpeace also urged him to meet him to discuss the issue . Develop a plan to make Facebook coal free by 2021. II. national. including Climate change. Greenpeace named the campaign “Unfriend coal” and asked Facebook to concede to four demands:I. Educate Facebook users about how the company powers its services and its carbon footprint. and nuclear power. IV. and international levels. deforestation.

Facebook should negotiate with Greenpeace and found solutions of environmental concern with minimum harm to Facebook (their efficiency). . their each and every step against Greenpeace can be criticized or appreciated very rapidly 6.Centre then what steps should be taken by Facebook to satisfy Greenpeace and to protect the environment . so to meet CEO of Greenpeace . then what opportunity cost they have to sacrifice and it not . global brand and corporate influence without considering Greenpeace opposition . Facebook should built data Centre at Prineville 2. New data Centre at Prineville will make their work efficiency higher . As Facebook has wide reach and higher brand value . 2. then really will there be adverse affect on their business or not ? 4. 3. 3. Strong opposition from Greenpeacehas to be considered ssince Greenpeace is well established Environmental NGO with high rapport and is using Facebook’s platform against Facebook. Facebook had estimated that their total carbon footprint are low . Naidoo for mutual decision . All possible Solution 1. they can communicate their users this information along with their future plan to inculcate environment concerns . 3. Prineville is ideally suited to Facebook’s plan to new data Centre climatically and also economically because they can increase their efficiency at one hand and also can avail good human resource at Prineville . Using its purchasing power . 4. If Facebook support Greenpeace . The threat has increased since users of Facebook has been involved (500000 users had supported Greenpeace Facebook Campaign page and 200000 people had seen the video in just aweek) 5. Analyzing facts and assumptions 1.

Moreover Facebook can set an example for other social network media by adopting feasible solution which can be reached after mutual negotiation with Greenpeace. Selecting a solution and defending it Solution 3 is the most appropriate one as :. Facebook can put their two points viz “minimum carbon footprint” and “employment generation for the Prineville people” strongly to Greenpeace and should come up with a mutual . Facebook exists due to them and if once they are disheartened it can affect Facebook’s image.5.Greenpeace has a genuine concern of the environment. their image as a NGO is well established. So Facebook should not go against Greenpeace because ultimately users are the base for Facebook. their campaign against Facebook are very strong and supported by a huge number of users of Facebook.

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