Session II: Course Title: Improving Communication with Relaxation Techniques Instructor: Paula L.


Dates offered: April 20; June 22; July 13, 2013 Description: In modern societies where family, work and education are time consuming and demanding, easing tensions with stress reduction techniques can improve communication and personal effectiveness. This course communicates information, activities, tools, studies and resources to teach the principles of self-care, along with its practical applications. Using quick simple ways to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit so one can return to family, work and school refreshed and ready to communicate more effectively. Information and discussion on improving well-being and communication skills through improved breathing, sleeping, nutrition, movement and centering modalities. Dress comfortably and bring a pillow and mat. Expected Student Outcomes: Advance awareness and skill sets in: 1) basic biofeedback communication training: delivering and receiving relaxation technique instructions, along with debrief and evaluation. 2) self-assessment of ones stressors, goals and applications in nutritional, sleep, and centering and movement needs. Instructional Modality(ies)/Activities: This class is interactive with experiential activities, lecturettes and resources. Text(s): None, handouts provided in class. Testimonial: "I was completely floored with this course...Who knew relaxing techniques and communication goes hand in hand. It was a wonderful experience to embark on and the techniques I learned, I will take with me always."

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