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Published by Chris Brown
What to say when people are not interested in your offer
What to say when people are not interested in your offer

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Published by: Chris Brown on Mar 07, 2013
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I have enough business I can appreciate that Let me ask you a question How much do you make if you don’t work? Do you have enough time in your day to make 50% more money? My job is to help you work smarter and not harder and escape the rat race and help you get more results in the next 60 days than 95% of business will get in the next 12 month (Now to save both you and I some time is all I’m doing is sending out an Email that explains everything If you like me and I like you then we can go from there fair enough?)

Excuses Now I know you don’t trust me, Yet Which is why, Is all I am doing is sending out an email that explains everything If I like you and you like me then we can go from there Fair enough?

Busy (don’t have time to watch video, consulting session, ect…) Your job is to help your clients right! My job is also to help my clients My job is to steel your potential clients And give them to my customers I helped 1 business ad 3,200 new clients in 90 days Now those clients were someone else’s clients but they weren’t loyal clients My job is to help you not only get clients but develop loyal clients that will stay with you no matter what Are you worth investing in? Are you a millionaire? The average millionaire only works 4 hour a day and read 52 books a year the average person spend 6 hours watching TV Do you think _____ min is too much to ask from you? No Money

Optional (When people tell you they don’t have enough money for your products what do you normally say?) I don’t like high pressure sales tactics but I do want to give you something to think about I know investing in your business can be scary It hard to know who you can trust Marketers, Lawyers don’t always have the best reputation It’s not that markers and lawyers are bad it’s just that a few rotten eggs spoiled the bunch for everyone Even if you don’t buy anything from me today I’m still going to continue working with you. Obviously you know who the Kennedys are right! President John F. Kennedy Well in 1929 people were jumping out of skyscrapers because of the depression In 1932 at the height of the depression

Joe Kennedy made $184 Million dollars that year Most people shrink back in difficult times Joe Buckled down and changed his family for generations to come Just think what this decision could mean to you and your family and all the people you could help Not to mention because of scientific data you will probably live 12 years longer You have a happier marriage Better relationships __________ Successful people are always willing to do what most people are not It just something I want you to think about ok!

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