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Unit 4 Review

p.521# 1-4,12,14,17 & p.524# 45,47,51,53

p.521 1. The gland that is important in the digestion of lipids that releases bile salts is the liver 2. Water is removed from undigested food after it leaves the small intestine 3. The part of the large intestine that absorbs water and salts from undigested food is the colon 4. The products of lipid digestion are fatty acids & glycerol 12,The stomach is an organ in which both physical and chemical digestion

takes place because gastric juices are released aiding in the breakdown of food (through the release of HCl)(chemical digestion) and peristalsis occur (physical) 14.The importance of the liver in the digestive system is that the liver secretes bile for the digestion of fats. Bile contains bile salts which break down fats, fats are insoluble in water b/c the fats break down b/c of the bile salts, ut can be absorbed in the intestine