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Pastikan semua soal Anda jawab, karena tidak ada pengurangan nilai pada jawaban salah. 2. Apabila Anda tidak tahu jawabannya SAMA SEKALI, selalu pilihlah jawaban A. Karena populasi jawaban huruf A adalah yang paling banyak dibandingkan opsi jawaban huruf B, C ataupun D. 3. Kalau Anda akan ikut kursus di sebuah lembaga, tanyakan apakah lebih dari 60% pesertanya lulus. Kalau iya, baru silahkan daftar. 4. Apabila Anda kursus, mintalah untuk bisa melihat modul belajarnya terlebih dahulu agar pasti bahwa Anda akan belajar Bahasa Inggris AcEPT. 5. Jangan ikut kursus apabila materinya hanya TOEFL. Karena antara AcEPT dan TOEFL berbeda jauh, kecuali Grammarnya. 6. Belajar soal prediksi AcEPT yang mungkin ditawarkan lembaga kursus. 7. Banyak-banyak membaca artikel di situs-situs dibawah ini. Soal AcEPT sering diambil dari sini: y y y y y y _the_TO.html y y
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Latihan Soal AcEPT UGM (Part II. Vocabulary)
A. For questions 1 ± 15, choose the word or phrase in A, B, C, or D which best completes each blank space in the text.

Text 1 The shark has senses specially (1)_____ the animal's life underwater. Smell is a shark's most acute sense. Approximately 70 percent of the shark's brain is used for smelling functions. Experiments have shown that sharks can detect prey (2)_____ by smell, and the hungrier the shark, the less stimulant needed to elicit a reaction. Sharks are sensitive to light and can detect certain objects even in murky water. Some have a mirror-like layer under the retina that reflects incoming light and increases the (3)_____ light available to the eye. Sharks can also sense electric and magnetic fields. Sensory pores located on the shark's head can detect a prey's bioelectric field (4)_____ if the prey is buried in sand. A

with B.. odor of D.. crawl D.... Accounting information can be classified . as 5.. 5. A. hardly 3.A..... their cities. 4.. thrust Text 2 dan Text 3 tidak ada di website ini. entire communities united to build churches that would not only glorify religion but that would also be a credit . disposal of 4.. even though C. on B. A. 1. Open-ocean sharks may use this information to (5)_____ and orient themselves. to C. above C. navigate C. disorderly C. just one item. timidly B. A.. for C.. 2. A.sink B. at B. under D. on 5. or D that best collocates (combines) with each of the underlined words or phrases in the following sentences... designed for C. In medieval days. A. in C. 1. with Mau soal-soal latihan lebih banyak lagi? Klik sini! Kunci Jawaban: .. figured out D..shark can also detect the Earth's magnetic field. with D.C.. prominence of B. in C.... invented for 2. B. solely D. at D.D... A. Physical anthropologists often rely .B B. Since independence. Choose the word or phrase in A. Amelia Earhart was greatly interested .. even B. A.. the development of commercial aviation and took an active role in opening the field to women... Mau semuanya? Kllik sini! Kunci Jawaban: 1. two categories: financial accounting and managerial accounting. however D. African governments have tried to diversify their exports so their income does not depend .. in 2. to B.. C. by B. on 3. A.D. amount of C. on D. in addition to more general observational methods. 3. rigorous medical scientific methods for their research.. about 4.. A. into D. A.... appointed by B.

4. Cloze Test Choose the word or phrase in A. 2. Grammar and Structure) A. (A) a profit-making organization (B) a profit-making organization which (C) therefore a profit-making organization (D) whichever a profit-making organization Mau Soal Latihan lebih banyak lagi? Klik sini! Kunci Jawaban (Part A) 1. __________irritating effect on humans. public health nurse and __________. 4.1.B. 2.A. (A) reforming society (B) social reformer (C) who reformed society (D) her social reform 3. C.D.D.D. was born in Cincinnati Ohio. 3.__________must produce something consumers consider useful or desirable. __________in New England on Thanksgiving Day. (A) was a major collection (B) that a major collection (C) a collection was major (D) a major collection 4. 3. C. Traditionally. (A) when served is sweet cider (B) when sweet cider is served (C) is served sweet cider (D) sweet cider is served 2. (A) Its (B) Where its (C) Since its (D) Because of its 5. 1. Lillian D. or D which best completes each of the following sentences. Sentence Completion Choose the word or phrase in A.B.D.A B.A. in 1867. 5. Wald. 5. the use of phenol as a general antiseptic has been largely discontinued. In order to remain in existence. . B. In 1964__________of Henry Ossawa Tanner's paintings was shown at the Smithsonian Institution. B. or D which best completes each blank space in the text.C Latihan Soal AcEPT UGM (Part III.

5. 3.B. wants it C. They did not want vote counting to be done quickly. 5.D. and as a result theirs [B] numbers [C]have been greatly [D] reduced. Error Identification Choose the word or phrase A. 2.B .A C. is wanted B. 4. but the congressmen (3)_____ it. has taught A. had wanted 2. was taught C. be sure a thing (5)_____ or needed.D. For years. had taken out C.C. Then they [C] carefully kept them [D] burning in huts or caves. 3. The Appalachian Trail. Abraham Lincoln spoke [A] about ³government of the people. taught D. 4. This experience (4)_____ the young inventor a lesson. had not buy D. 5. was taken out D.Text 1 When he was 21 years old. by the people. had used D. take out B. 4. 2. It is supposed [A] that early people got fire accidentally [B] from trees set ablaze by lightning or from spouting volcanoes. 3. 2. Mau Soal Latihan lebih banyak lagi? Klik sini! Kunci Jawaban (Part C) 1. B. not buy B. The machine worked perfectly. He decided to follow a simple rule: ³First.C. or D which is wrong. used to be B. was not bought C. Too much [A] electric current may flow [B] into a circuit as a result either of a fault [C] in the circuit and [D] of an outside event such as lightning.D. In his speech. were teaching B. 3.´ 1. took out A. to be used C. and for the people. 4. is the longer [C] continuous [D]marked footpath in the world. 5. A. extending [A] approximately 2. C. wanted D. Mau Soal Latihan lebih banyak lagi? Klik sini! Kunci Jawaban (Part B) 1. It was for an electric vote counter (2)_____ in the United States House of Representatives.D. would not buy A. then go ahead.´ This [B] phrases imply [C] that government was operated for the good of [D] all citizens. Thomas Edison (1)_____ his first patent. 1.020 miles [B] from Maine to Georgia.B. used A. elephants were hunted [A] for food and ivory.

the latter translation was used. From the earliest times. There is its redness. however. Now these were not Schiaparelli's canali there's. in 1877. Even the astronomical symbol for Mars. are planned to give scientists more information about possible past life on Mars. There is no water in them now. due to arrive on the planet's surface in 1997. He saw what he took to be long. The atmosphere is extremely thin (equivalent to that at 130. To the ancient people. so once more Mars was peopled with all manner of intelligent life forms! In 1965 Mariner 4 sent back first close-up pictures of the Martian surface. 1. unnaturally straight lines on the Martian surface. and the canals of Mars were born. Not only were there no canals. but which are dry most of the time.000 feet above Earth) and made up almost entirely of carbon dioxide. almost never getting above freezing even at the summertime equator. Reading Comprehension) The planet Mars has always captured the human imagination." Unfortunately. Perhaps the greatest surprise were the photographs from Mariner 9 in 1971 and 1972 that showed channels on the surface. causing the "rusting" of the planet. New explorations on Mars by the spacecraft Pathfinder. We know now that the color comes from chemical reactions that long ago locked up Mars's oxygen in reddish minerals on its surface. Of course. thin. the largest volcano in the entire solar system. Mars mythology grew. produced the most lasting bit of Martian folklore. the red color meant only one thing: blood. One of Pathfinder's missions will be to lay the foundation for future efforts to find fossil remains of living things. The landing site for the Mars Pathfinder is going to be the mouth of a flood channel called Ares Vallis. It can be inferred from the passage that myths about Mars (A) are widely believed today (B) have been dispelled by current space exploration (C) are based on scientific facts (D) depict it as a lifeless planet 2. We have subsequently learned that Mars is home to Olympus Mons. but Mariner 4 and the spacecraft that followed revealed a planet that was a cratered. Water once ran on the surface of Mars. a word that can translate into English either as "channels" or "canals. no way these channels could be seen by even the most powerfulearthbound telescope.000 miles around the Martian equator. there had to be canal builders. Mars has been associated with bloodshed. They are unmistakable water courses. The surface is cold.Latihan Soal AcEPT UGM (Part IV. and to a canyon system stretching for almost 3. He called them canali. They are like the dry river of the American West. As astronomers used telescopes. lifeless desert. Which of the following have NOT been a source of information about Mars? (A) Spacecraft . is supposed to represent a shield and a spears. It was the Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli who. if there were canals. but they trace out the path of water that flowed in the past. a circle with an arrow pointing at 2 o'clock. through which water from rain flows.

C.D Latihan Soal AcEPT UGM (Part V.D. Why do scientists think that the channels of Mars were waterways? (A) Bones have been found there. Pathfinder's mission to Mars includes (A) preparing for future fossil-finding expeditions (B) placing specialized equipment on the planet's surface (C) checking for flood damage (D) bringing back fossils for further study Kunci Jawaban 1. 6.B. (C) They resemble a similar system on Earth. Composing Skills) In this section of the test. Where in the passage does the author give information about the topography of Mars? (A) Lines 2-6 (B) Lines 26-32 (C) Lines 38-46 (D) Lines 58-62 5. 8. The phrase "the latter" in line 21 refers to (A) canals (B) canali (C) channels (D) unusual straight lines 4. 4. 3.A. According to the passage. The word "powerful" in line 46 is closest in meaning to (A) expensive (B) dominant (C) influential (D) strong 6. 8. (B) They still have a little water in them.D.B. the redness of Mars is a result of (A) a chemical reaction on the planet surface (B) the old age of the planet (C) the reflection of the Sun (D) an abundance of oxygen in the planet's atmosphere 7. According to the passage.(B) Telescopes (C) Conjecture (D) Astronauts 3. 7.B. 5. (D) They are straight and narrow. 2. you are required to demonstrate your ability to paraphrase sentences and to recognize language that is not appropriate for .

standard written English. . with special direction for each part. There are five parts to this section.

Representative democracy was practiced in the countries in Europe. (C) More than 10 billion coffee trees in the world are planted under supervision. A vaccine is a substance administered to humans or animals protect them from serious diseases. was knowing C. who have tried to determine their use for such a powerful animal. you are required to choose the most appropriate paraphrased sentence closest in meaning to the original one. a volcano erupted and became an even larger and bloodier disaster like the World War II. technically competent entertainment films. 2. The size of Tyrannosaurus¶ forelimbs have puzzling paleontologists. A. (D) Cultivating more than 10 billion trees on the coffee plantation is probably not an easy thing to do. (D) Around 20 years after World War I ended. Numbers 11 ± 20 contain incorrect sentences. where the great number of citizens made it impossible for all of them to meet in one place. protects D. had been puzzling D. 3. Representative democracy was adopted in the countries in Europe. has puzzled B. 4. The incorrect part of the sentence has been identified for you. Warner Brothers became knows for its tightly budgeted. then Representative democracy is neither a practical nor best choice for countries in Europe. which protecting 6. Numbers 1 ± 10 contain complete and correct sentences. (D) Representative democracy was practical for the European countries because the great number of citizens made it possible for all of them to meet in one place. There are probably more than 10 billion trees under cultivation on the coffee plantations of the world. protected B. 1. (A) Because the great number of citizens made it impossible for all of them to gather in a single area. (B) Because the great number of citizens made it impossible for all of them to meet in one place. known D. (A) 20 years since the end of World War I. had known 5. A. (C) Because the large number of people in the countries made it impossible for the entire of them to gather in an area. to protect C. puzzle C. puzzled . lingering disputes erupted in an even larger and bloodier conflict²World War II. A. the remaining conflict became an even more massive and worse war. (C) Many 20-year conflicts may cause lingering disputes that will erupt in an even larger and bloodier war such as World War I. You are required to find the correct option to replace the underlined part. (A) More than 10 billion people cultivated coffee in plantation around the world. to knowing B. (B) New disputes erupted in an even larger and bloodier conflict during World War I although the World War II also broke for 20 years. (B) May be more than 10 billion trees are cultivated on the coffee plantations in the world. Soal-soal nomor lainnya ada disini! B.A. For each number. Some 20 years after the end of World War I. namely World War II. Representative democracy was only suitable for the countries in Europe.

3. B. Choose the most appropriate and correct sentence. the symptoms produces it can be extremely uncomfortable. The first scientist to recognized and used the power of the lever was Archimedes. D. Internet is composed of many interconnected computer networks. the force of attraction between the object and the earth. A. 3 D. The most commonly used system of writing by and for blind persons is called Braille. A. D. 4 B. 1. If an object held near the surface of the earth is released. the symptoms produces it can extremely uncomfortable. or even thousands of computers. The first scientist recognized and used the power of the lever were Archimedes. 9. You are required to choose the next sentence which logically follows the underlined one. . The first scientist to recognize and use the power of the lever was Archimedes. The most used system commonly of writing by and for blind persons is Braille called. The first scientist recognizes and uses the power of the lever was Archimedes. 1. it will fall and accelerate. B. 10. the symptoms it produces can be extreme uncomfortable. 4. 4. A. enabling them to share information and processing power. 2. Numbers 21 ± 30. as it descends. 2 C.Soal-soal nomor lainnya ada disini! C. 5. The most commonly used system of writing by and for persons blind is called Braille. or the amount of matter in the object. Soal-soal nomor lainnya ada disini! D. The Internet has made it possible for people all over the world to communicate with one another effectively and inexpensively. D. Although cholera is usually not life-threatening. 3. B. Each network may link tens. Although cholera is usually not life-threatening. 8. This acceleration is caused by gravity. A. One of the sentences has been underlined. C. Although cholera is usually not life-threatening. The force of gravity on an object is also called the object's weight. 7. Instead. Although cholera is usually not life-threatening. C. 5 11. the symptoms it produces can be extremely uncomfortable. C. post information for general consumption or retrieve information. The weight of an object is equal to the mass of the object multiplied by the acceleration due to gravity. or pick up speed. an individual who has Internet access can communicate directly with anyone else on the Internet. hundreds. 2. This force depends on the object's mass. The most used system commonly of is writing by and for persons blind is called Braille. Numbers 31 ± 36 contain jumbled sentences.

5. can indicate a dietary deficiency in iron or other nutrients. 2. the Internet does not have a centralized distribution system. where the food is cut and chopped by the teeth. the exercise which involves a machine or the action of other people is called passive exercise. nausea or sensitivity to smells. Fertilized eggs result in females. 4. Unlike traditional broadcasting media. 1. 4-3-5-2-1 D. which is secreted by glands in the mouth. Numbers 37 ± 40 contain jumbled sentences. Digestion begins in the mouth. 4. it may or may not fertilize them with sperm from its sperm sac. As it lays the eggs. 3. The saliva also contains the enzyme amylase. 5 12. 3. 4-2-1-5-3 15. 3. 2-3-1-4-5 C. Other symptoms include breast tenderness and swelling. 4. It includes many physical therapy techniques. fatigue. A. 3. which changes some starches into simple sugars . one of the first signs of pregnancy is a missed menstrual period. Some women also experience cravings for unusual substances such as ice. The exercise can be categorized as either active or passive. 2 C. but others appear. A. which moistens the food so it can be swallowed easily. increased frequency of urination. 2-3-5-1-4 14. The female eggs develop into fertile queens. 3 D. while unfertilized eggs produce males. or cornstarch. A. sterile workers. 2-5-4-3-1 D. 5 Soal-soal nomor lainnya ada disini! E. called pica. . and the fertilized ovum implants in the lining of the uterus. 5. this condition. The exercise which involve physical effort such as walking. Thorough chewing cuts food into small pieces that are more easily attacked by the saliva. 4 B. A queen ant digs a hole where it lays its eggs and waits until the first ants emerge. A. 2. Because pregnancy changes a woman¶s normal hormone patterns. swimming. mood swings. clay. The tongue helps mix the food particles with a digestive juice called saliva. and jogging is known as active exercise. 5. 5. 2. 2-5-1-4-3 B. Most of the ants in a colony are workers. 3 D. 1. or soldiers. or gullet. 4. 4 B. Pregnancy starts when a male¶s sperm fertilizes a female¶s ovum. 4-5-2-3-1 B. 1. 1. 2. 13. By the 12th week of pregnancy many of these symptoms have subsided. On the other hand. 4-1-5-2-3 C. From the mouth the food is swallowed into the tubelike esophagus. 2 C. bicycling. You are required to identify the correct order to form a good paragraph. 5. and weight gain. Physical training of the human body to improve the way it functions is known as exercise. such as radio and television.

3-1-4-2-5 D. 3-5-1-4-2 Soal-soal nomor lainnya ada disini! Kunci Jawaban: 1.A 14.B 5.C 10.D 15.D 3.B .D 12.A 8.C 4.A 13.D 9.A 6. 3-2-1-4-5 B. 3-5-2-4-1 C.C 7.B 2.B 11.A.

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