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1. What is the difference between electron current and hole current?

Justify your answer using neat labeled diagrams. At what energy levels do electron current and hole current occur? (3%) 2. Describe the difference between n-type and p-type semiconductor materials. (2%) 3. Describe the difference between majority and minority carriers. (2%) 4. Determine the output voltage waveform for each circuit in Figure below. (4%)

5. Determine vo for the network

6. A loaded Zener regulator is shown in Figure below. Vz = 5.1V IZT = 49 mA, IZK = I mA, Zz = 7 and IZM = 70 mA. Determine the minimum and maximum permissible load Currents. (2%)

7. Design a limiter circuit that limits the output voltage at +4 volts for positive half cycle and at -4 volts for negative half cycle of a sinusoidal input voltage with peak value of 6 volts. Draw the output wave form for the given input voltage. 4%