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Product Life Cycle Management

Product Life Cycle Management

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Published by: Dennis Onchieku Onyando on Mar 07, 2013
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Issues that need to be looked at and solved in this Level are things to do with manufacturing and
the ways this can be done easily and effectively inside the cost and time limits set, and according to
the specifications that have been laid out during the previous levels of development.

Also this Level deals and gives some insight solutions with some major manufacturing issues such
as mass manufacturing, bill of materials management, quality assurance and value engineering and
major tools that can be a great help for engineers and production personnel are discussed. These
include CAD/CAM, Design for X, Industrial Design, Reengineering, Reverse Engineering and

Solutions for specific industry related issues are not given since the Level contents are set to give
general directions in solving management problems that can arise in all industries and to provide
some insight of the situations that must be dealt in product production.

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