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Product Life Cycle Management

Product Life Cycle Management

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Published by: Dennis Onchieku Onyando on Mar 07, 2013
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Product development practices can create many opportunities to reengineer and improve the
process as a whole and reduce development time. Whether a product is developed in an R&D
environment or not, it is very easy to improve the development process by perceiving problems,
brainstorming opportunities, analyzing and redesigning.

To reengineer the development process one needs to fully understand the development process
itself since the development of a new product can redefine a company's development process. Also
benchmarking of the process can identify any changes and pinpoint improvement opportunities.
Brainstorming can be also used to look for new improvement opportunities. In either case,
knowledgeable personnel, to the appropriate level of management, must present all opportunities.

To be effective, any action that results to the improvement of the way that people work and
subsequently the way business is done, leads to better processes and practices. In reengineering
these actions must at all times lead to evolutionary change, which can stimulate morale and

NPD Stage 6: Technical Implementation


imagination (hence innovation) and can create the opportunities for the appearance of creative ways
for dealing with adversary and competitive challenges.

In many cases as companies fight competition and severe economic situation; they tend to find
solutions in extreme actions such as downsizing. This is a very good short-term solution but a very
poor long term one. By reengineering the business processes of a company, especially its product
development practices, the company can benefit a great deal in the long term. Reengineering can
mobilize employee commitment and imaginative cooperation and hence its product innovative
development ability and not only that.

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