The following is suggested for good memory: 1.

Adopt effective ways and means to memorise, of which concentration and effort are the most important. Do not expect to commit something to memory without concentration and effort, unless one has a photo mind. 2. Eat healthy and nutritional foods that are effective in strengthening one?s memory, for example, nuts, etc. 3. Withdraw from sinful acts and thoughts as that fills up the memory leaving little space for preserving good. 4. Make duaa to Allah to increase your memory and grant you taqfeeq to adopt the means for a good memory. 5. Be punctual in your daily Salaats and stay in the company of the religious. 6. Place your right hands on your forehead after each Fardh Salaat and recite 11 times ?Yaa Qawiyyu?. and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best