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Glory products replenish the skin,
counter existing skin damage
and defer the onset of age damage over time.
Glory products replenish the skin,
counter existing skin damage
and defer the onset of age damage over time.

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Published by: Israel Exporter on Mar 07, 2013
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Glory products replenish the skin, counter existing skin damage and defer the onset of age damage

over time.

A Tip from Tivoni

Internal treatment


Tivoni’s Total Anti-Aging Treatment from both within and without!


External treatment



a face lift from within!

Glory Professional Active Cosmetic Products

They treat and diminish wrinkles, rejuvenate and firm the skin and provide the moisture it needs. Glory is based on the most advanced active ingredients (scientifically proven) in the world of cosmetics and produced with cutting edge biotechnologies. Glory consists of active cosmetics: scientific proof shows that Glory’s unique components repair all epidermis levels. Signs of significant improvements are visible within a few weeks. Glory produces instant glowing and radiant skin-apply just before any event and the compliments will follow. All ingredients are enriched with user-and environmentfriendly ingredients and contain no harmful substances such as parabens, mineral oils, petrochemical components, sulfites, phthalates, etc. Glory products come in elegant containers that are convenient for use both in and out of the home. They are non-breakable and recyclable, and help preserve product sterility.

A breakthrough nutritional supplement in the realm of health and beauty treatment from within! Treatment from within is essential for skin preservation and for avoiding cosmetic surgical procedures.

For further information, please look at our website www.tivoni.com

For information and advice 972-3-5399000

Professional active cosmetic products based on natural ingredients for anti-aging treatments

33 Remez Street Yehud 56252, Israel 972-3-5366663

Glory Repair Serum
An innovative, powerful and effective repair serum for face, neck and the fine skin around the eyes. Suitable for all skin types. It nourishes and revitalizes the skin and deep-treats wrinkles over a period of several weeks while softening them and improving the appearance of the skin immediately. Glory serum promotes the production of elastin and collagen in skin tissue, helps to fill in the areas behind wrinkles and to gradually diminish them (scientifically proven). The cream includes unique amino acids that instantly lift the skin, leaving it smooth and line-free. The serum’s long-term benefits include smooth and firmer skin with enhanced texture and suppleness. Due to its antioxidant qualities, Glory serum is also recommended for young skins, especially on the fine skin around the eyes, to delay the formation of fine and expression lines. Instructions: Apply to clean skin 1-2 times a day. Complete treatment with Glory day/night and eye cream

Glory Night Cream
An especially rich yet fine-textured and nonsticky night cream that nourishes and firms the skin, boosts its moisture level, treats wrinkles and counters the damaging effects of the aging. It contains ingredients that are scientifically proven to effectively firm the skin, boost its moisture level, treat existing wrinkles and delay the formation of new ones. Glory Night Cream contains a special protein that effectively diminishes expression lines. It compensates facial skin for the damaging effects of the environment it encounters on a daily basis. It is also effective as a day cream for those who do not require sun protection. Instructions: Apply to face and neck. Use over Glory Repair Serum for maximum benefit. Glory Night Cream is also suitable as a base for make-up (foundation).

Glory Eye Repair Cream

Glory Repair Mask
Glory Repair Mask is designed for the effective penetration of active ingredients into the skin’s deeper layers for enhanced moisture, smoothing wrinkles and a firmer skin. It contains a special protein that produces results similar to those of Botox (without its negative side effects). Glory Repair Mask may be used before an important event as an instant skin enhancer for skin vitality and radiance. Instructions: Apply a generous layer to clean skin and leave for 30 minutes 1-2 times a week. Wipe off with a damp cloth or rinse off with water. Dry skin and apply Glory Serum/Day Cream/Night Cream. Use over Glory Repair Serum for maximum benefit.


high-end active cosmetic products for skin rejuvenation and age-damage control. Treats wrinkles Firms the skin Rejuvenates the skin Protects the skin Nourishes the skin Replenishes the skin

Glory Eye Repair Cream is designed for the delicate skin around the eyes. It contains no eye irritants. It helps to increase skin suppleness, boost its moisture level and significantly reduce wrinkles. Glory Eye Cream is rich in innovative biotechnological components that help repair and strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes, leaving it smooth and soft. It protects the skin against free radicals and the damaging effects of the sun and the environment. It is therefore also recommended for young skin to delay the formation of fine expression lines in the delicate area around the eyes. Instructions: Apply around the eyes 1-2 times a day. Use over Glory Repair Serum for maximum benefit.

Glory Day Cream
GLORY Day Cream is suitable for daily use on face and neck for normal and dry skin. It moisturizes, nourishes, revitalizes and firms the skin, smoothes wrinkles and provides safe and effective sun protection. The cream contains plant-based phytosterols, lycopene and other components that act as filling agents to promote smoother skin on face and neck. It also contains balancing moisture components that provide long-lasting moisture, vitamins A, C and E that act as antioxidants for protection against environmental damage, and UV sun protection (SPF 15-20). Instructions: Apply to face and neck. Use over Glory Repair Serum for maximum benefit. Glory Day Cream is also suitable as a base for make-up (foundation). Re-apply cream every two hours when exposed to the sun for a lengthy period.

Glory Retinol Cream
A multi-action cream that gradually and gently removes the outer skin layer. GLORY Retinol boosts skin cell regeneration and the effective production of collagen and elastin-for treating and repairing the skin. The results: Constant skin renewal that gradually removes skin blemishes, enhances your complexion, diminishes and smoothes existing wrinkles and defers the formation of new ones in the long-term. Instructions: Start by applying once every four days and slowly work up to 2-3 times a week. When absorbed, apply Glory Serum and Night Cream. When exposed to the sun, make sure to apply UV sun cream with at least SP-15 protection.

For skin radiance and vitality

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