Health Problems

Family Nursing Problems

Goal of Care

Objective of Care


1. Inability to recognize the presence of dengue due to lack of knowledge 2. Inability to decide about taking appropriate action due to failure to comprehend the nature, magnitude and scope of the problem. 3. Inability to provide adequate nursing care to a member suffering from dengue. a) Lack of knowledge about the

After nursing After nursing intervention, the intervention the respondents will respondents will: improve their 1. Correct its awareness and wrong belief health practices about the about dengue. cause of dengue. 2. Implement the agreed upon measures to improve personal hygiene and home sanitation. 3. Recognize beginning cases of dengue and apply immediate therapeutic

Intervention Nursing Methods Intervention of Nurse Family Contact 1. Disease with Home the Visit respondents causes, signs and symptoms, preventive measures and then consequences if proper management is not done. 2. Explore with the family ways of implementing measures to maintain personal hygiene. 3. Explore with the

Resources Required

1. Material resources - Visual aids and materials needed to improve the personal hygiene practice and home sanitation. 2. Time and effort of the researchers

b) Lack of knowledge on the nature and extent of nursing care needed. c) Inadequate resources for care. condition. . Inability to provide a home environment conducive to health maintenance due to: a) Ignorance of preventive measures measures respondents ways of implementing sanitation measures.

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