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CHEE 2332 Spring 2011

Mock Test 2 1. (35 POINTS) Butane (C4H10) in a piston-cylinder arrangement undergoes an isothermal compression at 175C from 2 MPa to 2.5 MPa. Determine the work done in kJ/kg.

2. (30 POINTS) A rigid tank of 0.1 m3 initially contains saturated water at a temperature of 250C and a quality of 30%. The pressure in the tank is maintained constant through a pressure regulating valve on top of the tank, where water can exit. Heat is added to the tank such that the water is converted into one single phase. What phase is it? How much heat is added, in kJ?

3. (35 POINTS) Calculate the following: a. The volume occupied by 2 kg of ethane at 70C and 30 bar, in m 3. b. The pressure needed to fill a 0.1 m 3 vessel at 25C to store 40 kg of ethane.