Father Nicholas Gruner Appears on CHCH Morning Live TV Program

CHCH Morning Live, the popular Canadian television program, interviewed Father Nicholas Gruner on Feb. 28, the last day of Pope Benedict's papacy. Father's opinion on the upcoming papal conclave was sought, with a special emphasis on the possibility that Cardinal Marc Ouellet, former Archbishop of Quebec, might become the first Canadian Pope. (See: "Pope Benedict's departure".) Father Gruner and Cardinal Ouellet were fellow seminarians in Montreal in the 1960s. Father Gruner offered a positive appraisal of both Cardinal Ouellet's character and his chances. Father Gruner emphasized, however, that no matter who is chosen Pope, the next Holy Father's first duty is to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as Our Lady of Fatima requested. It is only through the consecration, Father explained, that the problems facing the Church and the world will be solved. Father Gruner will also be interviewed on Coast to Coast AM radio, from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. EST on Monday, March 4. The expanded format will allow Father Gruner to explain more fully the importance and centrality of the Fatima Message and the urgency of the consecration if the Church and the world are to be spared the dire consequences Our Lady of Fatima predicted would follow a failure to heed Her requests. Meanwhile, Father Gruner is urging Catholics everywhere to pray for the Church and for the conclave that will choose our new Pope. For recommended prayers, see "Prayers for the Papal Conclave".


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