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Complaint Philbrick

Complaint Philbrick


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Published by: mschwimmer on Mar 02, 2009
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started using the family name in business, when, in 1965, he

opened “Philbrick’s Sales and Service,” a bicycle and lawnmower

shop, in Rye, also in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire. In

1976, Philbrick’s twin brother, Rick, took over the bicycle

business from his father, opening “Philbrick’s Sports World” in a

building across the street from “Philbrick’s Sales and Service.”

“Philbrick’s Sales and Service” has remained in operation

ever since, dealing in lawnmowers and similar yard and garden

equipment. “Philbrick’s Sports World” closed in 1988 or so, but

after a period of time Rick Philbrick was back in business as

“Philbrick’s Seacoast Sports,” which operated until approximately

1It appears that Rick Philbrick took over “Philbrick’s Sales
and Service” from his father at that point.

2Daniel and Rick Philbrick did, however, occasionally market
their businesses together through “co-branded” advertisements.

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