Cadbury Choclate Industry

 Shraddha Ghadge  Pratiksha Mhatre  Shushant Sapkal  Deepak Chavan  Poonam Bhosale  Yagyati Chauhan  Mayura Shekatkar  Nikita Nanavare 1179 1190 1203 1170 1165 1169 1206 1194 .

not just within our owned and operated businesses but also in how we interact with our wider value chain.  Apart from working ethically they also indulged in some unwanted practices also. Cadbury is a British confectionery owned by Mondelez International Inc.  According to “Times 100” cadbury does its work ethically by fullfilling all the CSR activities as they believe . .  It is the second largest company after Mars company.Respecting human rights and trading ethically is fundamental to the way we work.

 Fair trade practice with suppliers .

looking to improve its energy efficiency 3. community initiatives and employee volunteering 2. controlling the release of gases into the atmosphere. treating waste water prior to disposal 2.  Ethics in distribution to wholesalers and retailers  Fair dealing with consumers through CSR activities like 1. environmental impact. Manufacturing ethically by 1. 3. Health and safety concerns .

Development and training is offered so employees are better able to carry out their duties and are more motivated in their work. . Offering appropriate levels of remuneration and rewards.Employees ethics    High levels of consultation that involve employees in decision making.

 No transparency on some cocoa sourcing – unfair trade practice  No public timetabled commitment for future cocoa sourcing  Acknowledges the use of child labour in the industries .

2m for illegally sharing 'competition-relevant information' by German competition authorities.In Feb 2013 eleven chocolate companies including Nestle and Kraft were fined over �60m ($82m) for colluding to raise chocolate prices in Germany. Price fixing . This shows that Cadbury had neglected the welfare of animals just for the sake of cutting cost in their manufacturing   . were fined US$53. Unethical marketing policies like showing use of cocoa butter instead of palm oil . while price fixing investigations continue in the US and harvesting palm oil involves removing palm tree in a forest area which could house wildlife animals which renders them homeless.In March 2011 Kraft Foods. Fined for 'anti-competitive' behaviour .


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