Informatii adunate, traduse si aranjate impreuna de Dorin Pele-Christ4ro Media

Location : Eastern Asia, bordering the East China Sea, Korea Bay, Yellow Sea, and South China Sea, between North Korea and Vietnam. (CIAThe World Factbook)

Population: 1 miliard 314 milioane (July 2008 est.) (CIA-The World

Religion: non Religious/other 49.58%, Chinese 28.5%, Buddhist 8.38%, Christian 7.25%, Traditional ethnic 4.29%, Muslim 2%
(Operation World)

Facts: - One in five people in the world live in China". Unul din cinci
oameni din lumea intreaga traieste in China.
(Operation World)

- It is illegal to teach children and young people about God". Este
illegal sa inveti copii sau tinerii despre Dumnezeu. (Operation World)

- No other country in history has seen as much church growth as there has been in China, ever! Nici o alta tara din lume nu a vazut in
toata istoria o asa mare crestere a Bisericii cum a fost in China. (Operation World) - In aceasta tara convietuiesc impreuna 499 de grupuri entice. (Joshua Project)

Provocari pentru rugaciune: 1) For peaceful, stable and honest government. Sa ne rugam pentru un Guvern pasnic, stabil si onest. For an end to persecution of house churches who refuse to register with the TSPM, and for the witness of those in prison. Sa ne rugam pentru ca sa inceteze persecutia impotriva bisericilor din case care refuza sa se inregistreze si pentru cei din inchisori ca sa poata depune marturie. For the growing missionary movement within China. Sa ne rugam pentru cresterea miscarii misionare din China.



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