can call this month as the „month of creation‟ as it reminds us of the new and freshly created glorious world. We are having a full year, 12months, 52weeks and 365 days in our hand.


we remind of creation along with this we remind ourselves of forbidden apple also. But unlike Adam let us not disappoint our creator and heavenly father. Let us be faithful and loving to our father according to our strength. He never expects more from us than we give.

healthy and wholesome apple. Just Trust God. disappointed and would not like to face this world. discouraged.We may be worried. . But our Heavenly Father is one who created this world and this universe. May this year be a blessing like this beautiful. sick. Never forget this dear friends.


. It may be king of fruits but one who created this sweet and tasty mango and many other beautiful and wonderful thing is the king of the whole universe. I think the whole world knows about mango and likes mango.We can give credit to the „king of fruit‟ Mango for this month.

Just let us love Him. exalt Him and accept Him as our King. .Our father in heaven is king also. So let us not be afraid of anybody nor anything.


Grapes is the source for the wine we are taking in the communion service of our churches. But to get this wine or the symbol of the blood the wine .March – Grapes can take this month‟s title . It is known as the „prince of fruits‟.

Our Lord needs us to be united like a bunch of grapes. These two factors are very important aspects for the christian life. . During this lent days let us meditate on this. With unity and oneness we can know more and more about our Lord Jesus Christ and do wonders in this world through our prayers. The another important fact is that grapes yield in bunches.


The same time it reminds us of the crucification of our Lord Jesus Christ. So that only I place this blood colour fruit in this month. The „super fruit‟ can be placed in this. but always the blood of Jesus Christ is there to cleanse you and purify you like snow and whiter than snow. Friend you may be feeling guilt about sins in your life. . April is the month of spring in some part of the world.

He wants us to confess our sins to Him. What ever may be your sins He is always ready to forgive and clense them all. . Let us be honest before God and accept our sins and be purified from them all. Jesus Christ came to this world to save the sinners .


 Let us be fruitful and useful like this fruit.  If we just look at its plant I hope.  This fruit also always appear in bunches. One of the most nutritious fruits and full of carbohydrates. This month‟s credit goes to the universal fruit banana. . like palm tree all parts of this plant are useful. Let us be united together like this fruit.

 When we are united with one another and be in oneness with Lord Jesus Christ and our fellow believers we can do wonders in His name.  Many times we may be discouraged that we don‟t have anyone to care for us and love us. . Don‟t forget that. Bur our Lord and Saviour is always there for us.


 As this fruit is the native of Israel many bible scholars believe that this is the forbidden fruit not the apple.  Really this fruit worth rubies.  The riddles refer this fruit as „pot full of rubies‟. Pomegranate „apple of Grenada‟ called by this name in early English. .

 Inside there are so many (400-1400) seeds covered with fleshy and edible pulp. Their color. The pomegranate as a whole is covered by thick red color skin. fragrance and taste all are protected by the skin.  Like this as long as we are inside Jesus and protected and covered by His name we are safe in this merciless and cruel world.  Where is Jesus that is Eden. .  As long as the seeds are inside the fruit they are safe.


 Let us not pretend ourselves as fruits when we are actually the pseudo fruits. weakness and mistakes then only god can deal with us.  We may be sinners but god is always there to deal with us and clean us. This month is strawberry month. Let us not be discouraged. .  When we are ready to accept our problems.

 people may see us as pseudo (false) fruit but god always sees us as His fruit only.  We were designed to be the chosen people of God. .  We may be deceived or trapped by false pretenses but God is always there to deliver us.  The one thing you need to do is being fruitful. He is our refuge and our strength.


 This is the only fruit it takes nearly two years to bear a single fruit from a plant . This month is the Pine Apple month  It‟s initial name „anana‟ a caribbean word means „excellent fruit‟. Then it got this present name from its appearance (cone) and fleshy part. .

Just trust Him. It appears thorny or very rough outside but inside we can get a promising and mouthwatering pulp. .  He is able to smoothen your paths and take control of your life.  In our life also many things appear thorny or most of the things go in a rough path but the One who promised you that „Fear not‟ is always with you.


 Like this fruit let our lives also give pleasant smell and aroma to others .  Orange known for its vitamin „C‟ is a berry. One of the citrus fruit takes this month‟s place.  Orange has a very pleasant fragrance. Not only the fruit but all parts of the plant.

 As long as we are in Christ Jesus we are protected and covered by Him never forget that and take heart dears. When we know God more and more the knowledge gives us the pleasant aroma that we can spread everywhere.  In this fruit also the different fleshy parts are all covered and protected by a single skin. .(According to Paul in Corinthians).


.  I think it is not a pleasant experience to eat this fruit but it is one of the tastiest fruit.  It‟s a well balanced food item very rich in vitamin c.  Even though it is not attractive or good looking it tastes good in our mouth. Darling of this month is „custard apple‟.

God designed a beautiful life for each and every one of us it‟s our lack of faith and love towards God we are all suffering . Trust God He will do everything beautiful and wonderful in His own time. . Ask God to give you understandings so that you can find out god sent gifts.  Don‟t let your heart trouble you.  We all are born by the will of God with definite purpose in our life. In our life also many god send blessings come in un attractive packages.


 Even though it‟s name is not often referred or used as apple this is one of the cheapest and still the best valued fruit.  This fruit is rated as one of the most nutritious fruit. The fruit of the month is Papaya. .  All parts of this plant has both medicinal and nutritious value .

Don‟t forget that. We are precious in His sight. Like this fruit we may not be praised or attractive and may not be noted but still we have our own values. . He is our creator. He created us in His own image.  Each and every one of us is unique in the sight of God.


.  It is a very rich source of vitamin c and also the minerals.  A very good medicine for tooth problems especially the leaves.  It has a very pleasant smell. Even it is hidden we can find it by it‟s pleasant smell.  All parts of its tree has medicinal values. The credit for this month is given to the fruit Guava.  One of the tastiest fruit.

But we have our own value instead of our weakness and meekness. Like soothing the disturbed and distressed people. .  God wants you and me so that only He created us never forget that.  He wants us to spread our virtue or good nature or whatever heavenly qualities we have into this world as this guava fruit  We have our medicinal values also. We may not be very attractive or valuable like other rich people or talented ones.

 Giving counsels to those who are in need.  So be ready to spread your smell to the whole world.  Praying for the people who are in the edge of mental disorder or those who in the urge to commit sucide . Healing the broken hearted people. .  Freeing the people in bondage. So many things you can do without lime light.  But never forget God always looks at the heart and our inner motives not at the face. Never underestimate you.


 As it is a very rich source of vitamin c it fight against cold .  It also contains citric acid so the name citrus fruit.throat infection and asthma. The whole world known of all its medicinal and domestic use. . The last month of the year is blessed with the fruit lemon.  Citric acid is a natural food preservative and aids digestion. The studies proves that it is helpful in removing kidney stones.

 The rinds are used in many food preparation.  It has a very pleasant smell like this fruit God also wants us to be pleasant in our chracters to spread the love of God and the salvation of Jesus Christ. .  This fruit also help to fight against obesity and reduces cholestrol there by reduces the heart ailments.  In the state of Tamil Nadu in India people have the practice of welcoming the new year by giving lemon to one another.

We faced many problems health problems. financial problems and psychological problems.  He is the saviour of this world and created the whole world with one word. We are at the end of the year . Many times we feel like comitting sucide or rejected or feel lonliness. But don‟t forget dear brother and sister that our Lord is the one who create this Universe. I would not say this year went very well or there is no sorrow in our life or there is no unpleasantness inour life. .

 May God Bless you dears . Do you know in Bible 365 times it is written “fear not”.  Even though I walk through the valley of shadow of death I fear no evil.  The only thing He wants from us is our trust on Him against all the circumstances.  God says I would keep my eyes on you counsel you and guide you all throughout your life.

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