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1) a) b) c)

In SAP which statements are correct for the Chart of Accounts?() It is possible to assign only two chart of accounts to a company code This is a list of all g/l accounts used by one or several company codes For each g/l account. the chart of accounts contain the account number, account name and the information that control how an account functions and how a gl account is created in a company code. d) It is possible to assign more than one chart of accounts to a company code. 2) a) b) c) d) 3) a) b) c) d) 4) a) b) c) d) 5) a) b) c) d) e) A company in SAP structure is:(1) used the same as company code a consolidation master record used to report structures in SAP used to accumulate company code data for more than one company code which of the following are structures of chart of accounts?(3) operating chart of accounts standard chart of accounts country specific chart of accounts group chart of accounts A customer master record should atleast contain the following segments?(2) chart of account segment General data segment Purchase organization segment Sales organization segment Every Document is uniquely identified by the following fields.(3) company code Document no Document type Fiscal year Posting period

6) Which of the following are fields of General Data in customer/vendor accounts?(2) a) Address b) Insurance c) Control data d) Account management 7) a) b) c) d) customer/vendor number range can?(2) overlap be internal or external be assigned to one or more account groups only have internal number range

8) The layout of customer/vendor master data screens can be affected by different factors(3) a) Account group-specific control b) Company code specific control c) Sales/purchase area specific control d) Company code specific control 9) a) b) c) d) which among the following are true regarding segment?(2) profit center is derived from the segment segment is entered in the master record of profit center segment is posted automatically when profit center is posted to dummy segment posting is there just like dummy profit center

10) Variant principle is a three step method used in the SAP system?(3) a) Define variant b) Assign the variant to the business area c) Determine values for the variant d) Assign the variant to Object 11) which among the following is true?(2) a) A business area can be directly assigned to company code b) Company code is the highest level organizational unit in SAP ERP c) Exchange rates are defined at client level d) In Cost of Sales Accounting, Operating Costs are sorted according to the function 12) For each exchange rate type you can use one of the following tools for reducing the maintenance(3) a) reference currency b) exchange rate spread c) inversion d) base currency 13) Which of the following are true?(3) a) posting period are defined in fiscal year variant b) posting date is derived from the posting period c) fiscal year can be year dependent or year specific d) Fiscal year variant is assigned to company code 14) A Fiscal year to be year specific need to fulfill at least one among the following conditions? (2) a) If one year of a fiscal year variant has less posting periods than others b) If start and end dates of posting periods for some fiscal years differs the dates for other fiscal years. c) Start and end posting dates of one fiscal year are same to that of other fiscal years d) A fiscal year must be a non calendar year

15) A Document can be reversed, when(3) a) using normal reversal posting b) company code does not allow for negative posting c) using negative posting d) negative posting does not require reversal reason e) normal reversal causes an additional increase in transaction figures 16) Document change rules are based on(3) a) Transaction type: used for special g/l b) Account type (A, K, D, M, S) c) Document type (SA, KR, KZ, AA etc) d) Company code 17) The terms of payment are defaulted when posting an invoice depends on where the invoice is created: (3) a) client level(invoice created centrally) b) sales area segment(customer invoice created in sales order management) c) purchase organization segment(vendor invoices are created in material management) d) company code segment(invoices are created in financials) 18) The default values from which baseline date can determined are a) Invoice Date b) No Default c) posting date d) key date e) system date 19) If the payment difference is too high to be considered(3) a) it must be processed automatically b) by partial payment c) paying the difference as residual items d) payment on account 20) The posting key has control functions within the line items. It controls(3) a) to which a/c type line item can be posted to b) if the line item is posted as a Debit or Credit c) to which company code line item can be posted to d) the field status of additional details(text, business area etc) 21) some of the following are defined at client level(3) a) posting keys b) company codes c) document types d) exchange rates 22) group chart of accounts may be (2) a) a required field company code segment of gl master record b) a required field in chart of accounts segment gl master record c) used for cross company code reporting d) used for cross company code controlling

23) The automatic clearing program does not clear(3) a) noted items b) statistical postings and certain special g/l transactions c) items with sales and purchase tax d) items with withholding tax entries 24) Enjoy transactions can be allowed for(4) a) cash journal b) G/L account postings c) Customer invoice/credit memo postings d) Vendor invoice/credit memo postings e) Special G/L postings 25) which of the following is true for cash journal a) only one CJ for each company code b) Each CJ in has only one currency c) CJ allows GL postings but not vendor and customer d) CJ has a six character key 26) some of the fields which cannot be changed in line items are(3) a) Amounts b) accounts c) posting keys d) text 27) Two important control keys for document header and line item respectively a) posting key and document type b) posting key and document number c) posting key and posting date d) document type and posting key 28) which of the following are true(3) a) G/L number intervals can overlap b) Number range for document numbers are defined at company code level c) Document type is defined at the company code level d) Document AB allows postings to all account types 29) Following are true regarding new G/L(3) a) Totals table in new G/L has extended data structure b) Real time integration from CO-FI is possible c) Document splitting and parallel accounting is possible d) Business Areas play a vital role in New G/L 30) steps in document splitting are(3) a) Active split(during the splitting) b) Passive split(during splitting) c) Active split(rule base split) d) Clearing lines/zero balance formation for splitting characteristic

31) Document splitting can be(3) a) activated across all clients b) activate/deactivate at each company code c) activated in customizing d) activated in earlier versions before ECC6.0 32) Alternate payer/payee(3) a) can be entered at client level/company code level b) the entry in general data segment(client level) has a higher priority than company code level c) set the Individual Entries indicator when creating an invoice you can enter the information about individual payer/payee for the customer /vendor that has not been created in SAP ERP d) can be permitted payer/payee if he is an existing customer/vendor 33) which field of the line item will be filled automatically by the sort key field of a master record?(1) a) amount in document currency b) assignment number c) item text d) number of the invoice to which the transaction belongs 34) You entered a GL account posting and received an error message which says that account type is not allowed. Which Object causes this error?(1) a) posting key b) currency key c) document key d) field status variant 35) which of the following objects can you post via the cash journal?(2) a) customer b) asset master record c) material master d) one time customer 36) A company sells products. Sometimes with complaints, they need to issue a credit memo. Which account will be used to issue credit memos?(1) a) Receivables and expense account b) Payables and expense account c) Payables and revenue account d) Receivables and revenue account 37) Since line item display takes up additional system resources, you should only use it if there is no other way of looking at line items. So you should not allocate line item display for the following accounts(4) a) P/L Account

b) c) d) e)

Reconciliation Revenue Material Stock Tax

38) What characteristics are configured as standard for every customer/vendor account (2) a) Line Item Display b) Company Code c) Currency d) Open Item Management e) Purchase Organization 39) what characteristic is needed when we need to calculate profits according to cost of sales approach a) plant b) cost center c) cost element d) profit center e) functional area 40) what is the purpose of terms of payment(1) a) calculate tax amount b) enable cross company code transactions c) define baseline date d) calculate cash discount and invoice due date e) calculate read conditions for SD invoices 41) Which fields of an FI document header section can be changed after the document has been posted (2)? a) fiscal year b) reference number c) text field d) header text e) posting date 42) A customer wants to use document splitting to enable balance sheets by segments. how do you set up the document split(2) a) assign all general ledger accounts to item categories b) define non leading ledger for the document split c) define splitting rules d) assign the splitting method to the transaction variant 43) The sales area is a combination of (3) a) sales area segment b) sales organization

c) distribution channel d) division 44) At which levels the vendor account number is assigned?(1) a) at a combination of client and purchase organization b) at a combination of client and company code c) at client level d) at company code level 45) The account group controls (3) a) the number ranges of the accounts b) the status of the fields in the master record c) if the account is a one time customer or vendor d) if the document type is a customer invoice or vendor invoice 46) when posting an invoice SAP allows for taxes to be levied on the invoice amount as(4) a) Tax on sales and purchases b) Additional taxes c) Top up Taxes d) US sales tax e) Withholding tax 47) Which among the following are true regarding tax code(3) a) Tax code is entered while posting document and it is the main connection to tax calculation b) Tax code is linked to county key or a combination of country & jurisdiction code c) Tax codes are defined at the company code level d) Tax codes contain the tax rates 48) New general ledger accounting facilitates the following(3) a) all conceivable requirement across the world in legal external accounting are addressed from single dataset b) Accounts are not balanced for objects other than company code c) Transaction figures are managed not only for accounts but also for each ledger by parallel accounting d) Real time integration Management accounting and financials 49) A cross company code transaction involves two or more company codes in one business transaction (3) a) One company code makes purchases for other company codes b) One company code pays salaries for other company code employees c) One company code sells goods to other company codes d) One company code pays invoices for other company codes

50) Which among the following is true regarding cross company code transactions (2) a) At least one document will be created for cross company code transactions b) To reduce the no of clearing accounts, one company code is used as clearing company code c) Cross company code documents cannot be reversed d) Cross Code document number is a combination of document no of first company code, the first company code number (key) and fiscal year