Megan Howett

Storytelling and Commission: Fantastic Voyage Online Greenlight Review
7 March 2013

Bioscientific Scenario
The Cell Cycle of a Eukaryotic Cell

Eukaryotic Cell Cycle

For my animation I have decided to focus of the cell cycle of a Eukaryotic cell. To do this I plan to use an ofce metaphor, with the cells working around cubicles, representing the body. To show the division of cells, a cell with climb into a copy machine, inside which the biological cycle will be shown.

I plan to use a sof rounded style for my visual concept. Using a 'cutesy' colour scheme for inside the ofce and each of the cells, and brighter colours inside the copy machine, influenced by microscopic images of cells.

Influence Maps

I have been looking a traditional cubicle ofce spaces, as well as representations in film such as The Incredibles. I have also started looking at colour schemes and the pastel balloons have helped to influence my ideas for the cells. I think the slightly seethrough, iridescent quality could work well, so that the nucleus can been seen through the wall of the cell.

Up to Date Evidence
Maya tutorials:

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