the track

Making Plans for Nigel Nouvelle Vague

the concept
To create a music video that displays and questions the absurdity behind Consumerism and Corporate Manipulation and Highlight Its Existence in Daily Life

the three housewives
• Three Separate Characters, Identical in Appearance •  Representing Different Areas of Consumer Influence
– In the Home (Product Placement) – In Stores (Illusion of Choice) – On the Street (Advertising)

• Culminates in the Puppet Metaphor –  A Literal Transition from Creature of Freewill to Puppet of Consumerism

kitchen pattern concept

supermarket concept


Rhapsody of Steel

street corner concept

Hotsy Footsy

A Cowboy Needs a Horse

conveyor/graph motif

production line motif

working with patterns

outfit designs

original housewife turnaround

revised housewife turnaround

housewife modelling progress

original marionette concept

original marionette turnaround

revised marionette turnaround

The Giant Little GirlRoyale de Luxe


thank you for listening

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