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PONYSIN a short film by Brian J. Prisco. Niese and Brian J. Prisco INT.


Story by Jenny

RAFE and MARTA are a couple in their thirties, driving along in morning traffic on the 134. RAFE is behind the wheel. MARTA's arm is in a cast. RAFE Vanity plates. Because you can't spell douchebag with just seven letters. MARTA What is that even supposed to mean? The Lincoln Navigator in front of them has a license plate that reads PONYSIN. RAFE Pony sin? MARTA Pony sin? RAFE That can't be right. MARTA What the hell is a pony sin? RAFE I'm not sure I'd ever want to know. MARTA That can't be right. RAFE Maybe it's "ponys in." MARTA Ponys in what? RAFE Maybe he meant "pony up" but got it wrong? Like cowboy up but smaller. MARTA So it's a midget cowboy? RAFE Exactly. MARTA Maybe it's a Chinese herb. Sin or Po Nysin? Pon Yi

2. RAFE Oh, that poor niacin. MARTA That poor, poor niacin. RAFE Maybe it's like those couples who use their initials. Like RCF JBF. Only these guys are Mexican so they used "y". PON y SIN. Pablo Ortega Noriega y Sabado Inez Noriega. MARTA Isn't Sabado Saturday? RAFE Yeah, so? Tuesday Weld played Wednesday. MARTA Pon de replay. Nope. RAFE It's gotta be Pony Sin.

MARTA What kind of pony sin? Is it that they commit sins with ponys? Or just one specific pony sin? RAFE Maybe it's a priest who does horse confessions. I need a young horse and an old horse. MARTA Clearly this person is sinning with ponies. So they aren't just into beastiality, but also pedophilia. RAFE And are proud enough of this to advertise it. MARTA Maybe it's a NAMBLA but for baby horse rapists. RAFE Maybe it's some kind of dirty dressage. Like they make the horses dress all slutty and then do stripper moves. MARTA So "Toddlers and Tiaras" for ponies.

3. RAFE Damn, that pony is IN. MARTA Nobody puts pony sin a corner. RAFE Pony sin. MARTA Pull up. RAFE What? MARTA Get up in the other lane and go past. I have to see what this pony sinner looks like. Alright. RAFE You're the boss, sinner.

They merge into the left lane and drift past the Navigator, gazing in. Sitting in the front seat is a person dressed in a horse mask with two hoof gloves jamming out to the Beach Boys "Kokomo" ala Stephen Colbert's dressage dance. MARTA and RAFE are silent. Well. END. MARTA That was a sin.