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TEA FOR DONG a short film by Brian J. Prisco INT.


WINSTON, a young Asian student, is smoothing his hair in the mirror. He's wearing a rented tuxedo with a purple vest. From behind him, in the stalls, we hear the sounds of someone loudly retching. WINSTON smiles at his reflection. Out of the stall comes BRAD, a blonde stoner, also in a rented tux. He's wiping his face. WINSTON Boot and rally, son. BRAD Nothing. I can't puke. I drank too much. I drank too much. I need to get it out of my system. Or I'll die. WINSTON You gonna be okay? BRAD I just need something. I have to get it out. Or absorb it. Or destroy it. How many kidneys are we supposed to have? WINSTON Two. BRAD Can you live with just one? WINSTON takes a small plastic bag out of his tux pocket. It's got a brownish powder in it. Here. WINSTON Take this.

BRAD What is that? Heroin? WINSTON Yes. It's delicious, delicious heroin. Our family has been growing it in the ancestral poppy fields out behind -- you know what, it's just easier to call you fucking frittata. BRAD What is it?

2. WINSTON It's something my grandfather gave me. It's an ancient Chinese secret. BRAD Is it safe? WINSTON It's just herbs, bro. You'll be fine. It soaks up the toxins in your system. You'll feel great. BRAD tips the bag into his mouth. a face. Feel better? No. BRAD It's a little dry. He grits his teeth, makes


WINSTON Well, you're supposed to take it with water, dumbass. INT. PROM - NIGHT THE PROM is in full swing, with cheesy lights, DJ, and balloon towers in the prom colors: black, silver and purple. Highschool students are in formal wear, jamming out. WINSTON is swaying with a beautiful black cheerleader, MARCIE. BRAD shuffles over to them, hiding behind his irritated blonde date, CHARITY. He's got murder in his eyes. He edges closer to the dancing WINSTON. CHARITY leaps, and rubs her back. Ow! CHARITY Dammit, Brad, watch that thing. BRAD You dick. WINSTON What? BRAD What. THIS! WINSTON BRAD edges around CHARITY. He's got a huge boner. points and laughs. MARCIE chuckles. Ha! Eh. MARCIE Awesome. CHARITY


3. CHARITY flips her arm and walks away. BRAD No, wait, shit! He quickly tries to cross his legs and hide the erection. WINSTON That is awesome. BRAD No, it's not awesome. did you do to me? WINSTON Powdered Cialis. BRAD What? WINSTON Boner pills. Are you "velly solly" you made all that "rove you rong time" jokes about my mom now, douche? BRAD What? WINSTON Ancient Chinese secret. dipshit. You bastard! So was I. MARCIE Burned! BRAD How long is this going to last? WINSTON Should wear off after a couple hours. BRAD A couple hours! YOU DICK! No. Yup. MARCIE You dick. WINSTON You've been Winstoned. I'm Korean, What the fuck

BRAD I was just joking! WINSTON


4. WINSTON and MARCIE posing for a prom photo, beaming at the camera, WINSTON almost crying with laughter. FLASHBULB CUT TO: An annoyed CHARITY, arms crossed, posed in front of a despondent BRAD, with his huge boner. END

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