Barnett Bank Barnett Bank has found itself in a position of declining market share among the senior citizen

market segment for the fourth consecutive quarter. The bank has conducted quarterly satisfaction surveys and the results indicated strong satisfaction among its senior customers regarding the bank’s products and service offerings. However, bank records indicate that an increasing number of senior customers are switching their accounts to Barnett Bank’s competitors. Management cannot understand the relationship between the bank’s senior customers’ expressed satisfaction and the fact that a significant number of them have been closing their Barnett Bank accounts and switching to competing financial institutions. So management is asking the marketing department to find the answers.

1. What are the questions posed by management? 2. Are there additional questions that you think we need to answer through our research?
3. How would you state the problem the research will investigate? 4. What methods can be used to obtain this information? How would you rate each method as appropriate to this research problem? What are the pros and cons of each method? 5. Which method would you recommend to bank management?

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