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Using metaphors in sentences.

1. She is doing some teaching to bump up her income. 2. The search opreation has been scaled down. 3. Officers fanned out across the field. 4. The government played down the threat of public health. 5. Things are looking up. 6. Their opponents say they have sexed up the report. 7. You need to down tone your argument. 8. The cold weather was getting me down. 9. The speaker has began to sum up. 10. Her voice faded away. 11. The sound of the train leaving the station tailed off. 12. The custom has almost died out. 13. She was trying to leave behind a difficult adolesence. 14. Put the whole episode behind you. 15. Theyre content to just muddle along. 16. Were lagging behind our competitors. 17. She sailed through her exams. 18. The weak student ploughed through the exams. 19. He bowed out gracefully from the competition. 20. The judge brushed aside the lawyers objection. 21. The politician could not shake off the allegations against him. 22. The police clamped down on revellers on the street. 23. The couple drifted apart over the years. 24. She poured out her problems to her mother. 25. My parents drummed into me the importance of discipline. 26. She loves to delve into her past life and experiences. 27. The detective dug up some interesting evidence. 28. She has split up with her boyfriend. 29. Theirs was a stormy relationship.. 30. John has a fiery temper. 31. The good news lifted his spirits. 32. They were eaten up with hatred for their neighbours. 33. Mistrust has poisoned their relationship. 34. I planted the idea in her mind. 35. The businessman found out that he has been taken out for a ride. 36. The week crawled until we could meet again. 37. There was a collape in the price of oil. 38. I felt as high as a kite to receive that award. 39. They were downtrodden and oppressed. 40. The storm raged on until dawn.