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I read through the chicken bone thread before I start to identify the environmental aspects at 3 months ago.

I agreed with Randy that the organizations reserve the right to set their own consideration/ criteria to identify the significance of an aspect. Of course, it is undeniable that the criteria/considerations set by the organization must at least include:(1) the significance/ severity of the impacts caused by the aspect (after taking into account the likelihood) (2) the legal requirements associated with the impacts/ aspects On my opinions, basically, we can assume that the aspect which could cause significant impacts and subjected to legal requirements shall be considered as significant. But, if the organization already has good control system in place and good compliance record for the particular aspect. Then, of course the organization can assign the aspect as not significant. In that case, means that the organization shall add another criteria/ consideration for their evaluation:(3) the current control practice My idea can be illustrated as this:


Criteria 1: Severity of impacts

Criteria 2: Legal & other requirement

Aspect can cause significant impact? Yes



Aspect subjected to legal requirement?


Criteria 3: Current control practice

Control system properly implemented and comply with legal requirement? No Aspect is significant

Yes Aspect not significant