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Verbs, adjectives, nouns + prepositions

capable of care about care for sb/sth certain of charge for charge sb with choice between/of close to date back to date from deal with dear to decide on/against decrease in comment to communicate with compare with/to complain of complain to sb about sth compliment sb on comply with concentrate on dedicate to deficient in delay in delight in delighted with demand for demand from

confidence in congratulate sb on sth connect to/with conscious of consist of content with contrary to contribute to depart from depend on/upon die of/from different from difficulty in/with disappointed with/about convert to/into cope with correspond to/with crash into crazy about crowded with cruel to cure for curious about discussion about/on dismiss from dream about/of dressed in

1. Julie is capable of/for doing it on her own. 2. You can depend to/on Simon. Hes very reliable. 3. He shouldnt comment on/to that when he doesnt know all of the facts. 4. It was very unfair that Paul was dismissed from/of his job. 5. The criminal has been charged for/with burglary. 6. Theyre always complaining of/about something. 7. Children are very curious for/about the world they live in. 8. Julian is very serious and dedicated to/at his work. 9. She is finding it difficult to concentrate on/to her studies. 10. Sally is amazing. I dont know how she copes with/at her job, and her kids at the same time.