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Stepping Stones Living Center Contact person Mary/ Kavitah Tel:03-2260 2290/ (Mary) 013 380 5874 Time

2.30 pm (after lunch time) Number of people in the home Total :120 pax Adult and old folks: 50 pax Primary School Students : 50 pax Secondary School Students: 30 pax The home has five premises in Taman Seputih; 1. One hostel for girls 2. Two hostels for boys 3. One home for pre-school students 4. One home for old folks Donations can be made at; Stepping Stones Living Center Account Number: 120970010022122 Alliance Bank There are two categories of sponsors; 1. Corporate Sponsor 2. Individual Sponsor Donation and sponsors could be in terms of monetary or items; 1. Daily food products; For example, sardine, nuggets, eggs, milk, Milo, condensed milk, salt, sugar, cooking oil and etc. 2. New clothes for the children; Personalized donation for children clothes can be done during the Year End Need program. 3. Family day in the Stepping Stones Homes. Sponsoring a lunch at the home where sponsors will meet the children and have interactive sessions. 4. Basic toiletries Soaps, shampoos, soap powder, tooth brush & tooth paste, towels, detergents, mops, brooms. 5. Sponsoring trips for the children 6. Stationeries and books