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What is Water Wastage? Facts about Water Why does people keep wasting water?

r? How to solve this problem? Conclusion Question and Answer

Causing or permitting water to discharge, flow or run to waste into any gutter
Waste water by leaving the tap running freely
Brush teeth Do the dishes Answering a phone

Endless resource
High rate of wastage causes the decreasing of clean water supply The Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Higher water demand increased by 40% in 20 years time

The Third World Water Development Report

yearly water demand is projected to grow by 64 billion cubic meters if not properly managed, can reach the point of no return

Habit Unaware about the importance of water Mindset- water is unlimited resources

Sustainable water management

conservation and reuse of water

Water wastage is getting worse Use water responsibly Water management Conservation and reuse

Dont waste water Every drop is precious