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Leadership Learnings

Leadership Learnings


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Published by Lance Mayes

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Published by: Lance Mayes on Mar 02, 2009
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I love my calling and I love being the senior pastor of Compass Point Church. There is literally
nothing else I can even think about doing…nothing gets me as jazzed as this. I love watching
people far from God come to know Jesus…I love baptizing them…I love to see their life
changed…I love to see them start growing in their knowledge of God’s Word…I love to see
them come full circle.

On the other hand…there is a price to being in leadership. The minute you say “yes” to being a
leader…a target appears on your back….and people begin to take shots. It is not fun…it takes
thick skin to survive…but it comes with the territory. Folks get mad…folks get greedy…folks
get power-hungry…folks get turned inward…and they take shots at you. You are the one casting
the vision…you have the final decision…you are where the buck stops…therefore…you are the
easiest one for people to blame about whatever beef they have.

Over the years I have discovered some things about wearing the target that comes with
leadership. When I’m getting shot at I try to remember these simple things:

1. It’s the price of leadership. Leadership is not easy and not always fun. My grandmother use
to say that if you can’t stand the heat…get out of the kitchen. Thick skin is a must in
leadership…if I can’t take shots…I can’t lead.

2. Don’t let it get personal. It may be personal for the one taking the shots…but I try to never
let it get personal for me. At the end of the day I still have to try and lead that person. If I have
lost my temper, held a grudge or held on to anger then I cannot lead effectively.


3. Is there validity to the shots. It may have not been handled well…it may have been a sharp
knife in the back…but I always ask myself if there is validity to an accusation or claim being
made against me. Sometimes God has spoken to me through taking a shot…reveals things about
my leadership style, personality or how I deal with things that need to be changed. Every
moment in leadership is a learning opportunity unto itself.

4. It is only one person’s opinion. In most cases it has been one or maybe two people that are
taking shots at me…not everyone I’m trying to lead. I try not to get paranoid and think everyone
is out to get me. I try not to hole up in my office or house and have no interaction with all of the
other people that are not taking shots at me.

5. Determine if it’s cancer. Cancer can grow quickly and can cause much damage…even death.
The same can be said for people that continually take shots at leadership. Their attitude and
issues can cause serious problems or the demise of an organization. Cancer must be identified
and dealt with quickly…if it can’t be cured…it must be cut out. I always try to determine if the
shots are a one-time thing or if this is going to be an ongoing problem. My answer to that usually
determines how I deal with the situation.

6. Turn to God. Most importantly…I turn to God and His Word when people start taking shots.
Their attacks do not catch Him by surprise…and at times…play into His plans. I find not only
comfort from praying and reading the Bible while I’m taking shots…but many times find that He
reveals the steps that need to be taken to change the situation.

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