if you wear a big smile 4: Smile is a curve that sets everything straight 5: Smile improves your face value & it is FREE 6: A smile is the light in the window of your face that tells Guests “you are at home” 7: Everyone smiles in the same language and it is universal welcome .Why SMILE? 1: Do not frown. smile is always in trend! 2: A smile kills an approaching frown 3: Guests seldom notice old clothes. it will never be in fashion.

8: If you do not have smile. Wear a smile and have a great day 10: The shortest distance between you and Guest is smile 11: You are never fully dressed without a smile “Wear a smile” 1 size fits all 12:It takes 43 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile Ensure you “SMILE” @ Store One . I will give you one of mine 9: Wear a scowl and have wrinkles.

Objective: “Smile” is an ongoing process of Rewards to recognize Colleagues who provide “Outstanding” internal/external Guest Service .

below given all 3 situations or may be just 1 1: Transaction Value: One sales executive in single bill .Benchmarking: It can be. Above & Beyond Call of Duty: Going out of way to help internal/external Guests rendering delightful & astonishing experience (it can be sales value/no sales value) .minimum value 12 K or above 2: Highest Sales of the month: Total highest sales value generated in a month by 1 colleague 3: ABCD i.e.

fill it.Mechanism: 1: Any colleague can spot anybody in the business however only DM .Customers Service Desk Executives. CSA/CSA .creation of an email ID smile@storeone. all Mr.e.com (Suggestion. CSDE . Sr. Maintenance etc are entitled for rewards. X visited Nagpur Store One and saw a colleague providing an outstanding service to an external Guest/gets to know a colleague has covered ABCD criteria. seal it and submit at cash desk/HR/write to any Smile Committee Member/write to smile@storeone.Department Managers and hierarchy below i. Ex: Mr.Customers Sales Associates. X has to do is ask for Nomination Form.com) . SCM members.

Moreover.com 3: Cut off date to receive nominations: Last working day of every month 4: Cut off date to finalize nominations: By 6th working day of every month. they can write directly to smile@storeone.2: Guests to follow the same process as well however Guests feedback/compliments will be taken into consideration. all received nominations shall be reviewed & final decision shall be made by Smile Committee Members. 5: Cut off date to announce names of “Star Performers/Smile Champions” : Within 2 working days after nominations are finalized 6: Announcements: To be made during morning briefings/News Letter .

Grooming. .Eligibility Criteria : “Round One” 1: Smile. Etiquettes. 2: Colleagues working in Store One on Indiabulls payroll are entitled (Vendors/Partners to launch similar initiatives in tandem) 3: Length of service is not a criteria – Newly Joined colleagues are eligible to participate. Utmost Co operation level at all times. “Half Bent Service” .

Collect stars to evolve as “SMILE” 1: If a colleague is selected for 1st time. Cash Prize: 500/ RS 3: If same colleague is selected for 3rd time. gets another acknowledgement card & 3rd star to be placed in the 3rd row.500/ RS) . magnetic badge & a metallic star to be placed in the 1st row. Cash Prize: 500/ RS Reaching SMILE level (total Cash prize: 2. gets another acknowledgement card & 4th star to be placed in the 4th row. gets another acknowledgement card & 2nd star to be placed in the 2nd row. Cash Prize: 500/ RS 5: If same colleague is selected for 5th time. Cash Prize: 500/ RS 4: If same colleague is selected for 4th time. Cash Prize: 500/ RS 2: If same colleague is selected for 2nd time.Round 1 . gets “SMILE Certificate” & SMILE badge. gets an acknowledgement card.

Raman does not stop here as he is self motivated. If all his nominations gets approved. Thus. Smile Committee will receive 5 different nominations of outstanding Guest service however. This way. highly energetic. same day Raman could provide outstanding service to another Guest and get nominated again. he could continue doing the same and get nominated for 5 times in a row in a day however for 5 different services. he can start all over again i. Raman. he can evolve as SMILE in a day which will be announced following month as per cut off dates.Round 1 is “no limit” round . passionate “born salesman” and he continues providing outstanding Guest service. For above given scenario and as per mechanism. these services were performed by same person. If Raman is nominated and selected for the 6th time he will have a “SMILE” and another badge with 1 Star (refer point 1 in previous slide) . Ex: If Raman has provided an outstanding service to a Guest and is nominated.e.a competent colleague can evolve as “SMILE” within a day as per any/all benchmarks. provided she/he gets nominated 5 times for providing outstanding guest service.

Grooming. 6: There should not be any pending written disciplinary warning 7: Time management and attendance will be monitored 8: Feedback of Team members as “Team Player” approach. 3:Colleagues working in Store One on Indiabulls payroll are entitled (Vendors/Partners to launch similar initiatives in tandem) 4: Length of service is not a criteria 5: Colleague should not have resigned /serving notice period. Utmost Co operation level at all times.Eligibility Criteria for: “Round Two . 2: Smile. “Half Bent Service”. co operation will play a vital role in final selection .Regional Smile Champion” 1: Colleague should completed “SMILE” at least once. Etiquettes.

The ceremony shall be held at the winning Store One. Mr. Only 1 champion to be elected between Store One Nagpur & Pune 3: Certificate & Cash prize worth of: 10.O. Lepps .000/ Rs and a return flight ticket between Nagpur – Pune 4: Winning colleague’s parents to be present in prize ceremony.“Store One SMILE Champion” 1: To be finalized after completion of 6 months of Round 1 2: Colleague who has highest number of SMILE certificates and smile stars will become “Regional SMILE Champion”.O. (To & fro Railway ticket for 2 A/C sleeper) 5: Award to be given by C.

Tools: Nomination forms: available at each Cash desk & with local HR Officer Envelops: available at each Cash desk & with local HR Officer Acknowledgement Certificates: To be with HR SMILE badge & Stars: To be with HR SMILE plastic cards with neck strings: To be with HR SMILE Certificates: To be with HR .




Someone is wearing this tag at all floors during Store Hours as a SMILE Leader .

m@indiabulls.kumar@indiabulls.com shashank.com vinod.com Mona Tiwari: Rajiv Garge: Vinod Meshram: HR Finance IT mona.com Ankur Arora: Shashank Chandekar: Vijay Kumar: Operations Operations Operations ankur.g@indiabulls.Smile Committee Members: Name Function Email -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Abhimanyu Mehlawat: Operations amehlawat@indiabulls.com rajiv.c@indiabulls.com .com vijay.tiwari@indiabulls.a @indiabulls.

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