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27359704 Breathing Exercises

27359704 Breathing Exercises

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Published by: barjesus on Mar 08, 2013
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1. It provides the optimum supply of oxygen to the body. Even jogging
and other aerobic exercise doesn't achieve this, since the breathing is
quick and shallow and there is no retention of oxygen.
2. The air which has remained in the lungs from previous inhalations is
3. There is increased oxygenation of the blood.

4. The retained breath gathers up some of the waste matter of the body
and expels it on exhalation.
5. The lungs increase their elasticity and capacity and become more
powerful. This allows benefits to be enjoyed all day, not just during
the exercise.
6. The exercise builds a bigger, more powerful chest and prevent, or
helps to correct sagging breasts in women.

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