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Assignment ADC Copy

Assignment ADC Copy

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Published by: Abhilash Mishra on Mar 08, 2013
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Assessment and Development Centres S.Mishra/J.Soin

Please explain the following with examples wherever applicable. You may submit the initial draft of appx. 4 pages (latest by 1st March, 2013) and the final draft later, of about 10 pages. 1. What is a competency? What are its characteristics? How is it different from Job Description? 2. What are the different types of competencies? What is their relevance?

3. What is the difference between Assessment Centre and Development Centre? 4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Assessment Centre and Development Centre?

Modalities of Submission 1. The rough draft of the assignment will be a roadmap as to how you will go about these four questions. The theoretical implications are important but your practical examples and choices will also be of greater relevance. This component will have roughly around 5 marks and your submission should happen by the 1st of March. 2. The final draft of the assignment should strictly follow the roadmap as indicated by the rough draft. Any digression would mean inconsistency of thought and hence reduction of marks. 15 marks would be awarded to this component. This assignment should have a minimum length of 10 pages. Your submission needs to happen by the 20th March. Any late submissions will not be graded. 3. The assignment also contains a module of presentation. Presentations by the groups will take place in the classes on the 22nd March, 5th and 12th of April. Groups selected for presentation would take place randomly. 10 marks would be awarded to this component-5 marks for the presentation and 5 marks to students for their response to questions.

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