USAMHI Railroads RefBranch dv Feb 90; May 91 RAILWAYS, WWII ERA A Working Bibliography Gen/Misc...................................p.

1 Overseas Operations General.................................p.3 Mediterrannean Theater..................p.3 European Theater........................p.4 Asia/Pacific............................p.4 US Unit Histories..........................p.5 Foreign Railroads..........................p.6

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See File #831.1

Supply," #780 "Railroad Employees in Military Service," related neighboring files. Lasher, Edmund C. Oral hist transcript. Arch. Senior transport officer with special responsibilities

for rail

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Railway Operating Battalion.

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Railways, WWII


See also: - Frank McSherry Papers, Arch (member of War Manpower Comm) - Somervell, Brehon B. (CB, ASF, 37 bxs) - Military Service - Conscription - Photographs, PhotoArch incl: - WWII Signal Corps Coll (7 folders of ca 70 photos) - H.U. Milne Coll (Box 11 & 48, ca 20 photos)

See also: - Photos of train interiors, PhotoArch: - Troop train (Milne Coll, Bx 23, #6960) - Defense Special, 1941 (Milne Coll, Bx 8, #2489-91) - Cab window of locomotive (G.V. Henry Coll #370) - Nurses relaxing (Milne Coll, #729) - Various (Milne Coll, Bx 19, #5895-936) - Photos of trains in Canada, Milne Coll, Box 11 (#3086-88 & #3108) & Box 15 (#4664) and G.V. Henry Coll #369

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Overseas Operations.

In USAWWII series.

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Railways, WWII U.S. Army. #85, 719th Rwy Opn Bn. Photo, ca 1944.

p.4 RG100S-Rolled


See also: - PhotoArch incls pertinent images in Italy: HU Milne Coll, Box 28 (.8154-55 & .8234-35) & Box 56 (.17406 & 17317-18)

- EUROPEAN THEATER Gray, Carl R., Jr. "The Miltiary Railway Service in Italy and Northwest Europe." Mil Rev XXVIII (Jun 1948): pp. 20Per. _________. Railroading in Eighteen..., cited above. Chaps 7-9.



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Railways, WWII


See also: - Lee, John C.H. (Chief, ComZ, ETO, memoir, 1 bx) - Littlejohn, Robert (Chief QM, ETO, official papers, 12 bxs) - Moses, Raymond (G-4, First Army & 12th Army Gp, diary, 1 bx) - Photos of trains operating in France (Milne Coll, Bx 30, #8356-61 & Bx 52 #14948, #14956-57, & #15173) and Blanton Coll (RG615#26) -- in Belgium (Milne Coll, Bx 11, #3080-82 & Box 30, #8470-71) -- in Europe, various (Milne Coll, Bx 26, #7807-14.) -- In Germany (Milne, Bx 53, #15247) - Unit hist sec below

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See also: - Photo of Jap train & railyard on Saipan destroyed by US #16335 air raids. (#10503, Box 40, Milne Coll, PhotoArch) - Photos of trains in CBI, Milne Coll, Box 55, - Unit hists, incl George Almes Papers.

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p.6 History of the


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Marseille, Fr, 1945.


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(RG4615), PhotoArch. _________. 745th Rwy Opn Bn. Photos, India, n.d. Robert


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756th Mulligan, 1951.

Railway Operating Battalion.... 20 p. 1302-759-1951, UHRm.

St Louis, MO:

Railways, WWII See also these unit histories:

p.7 - 714th Rwy Op Bn (1302-714- 718th Rwy Op Bn (1302-718- 726th Rwy Op Bn (1302-726- 727th Rwy Op Bn (1302-727- 745th Rwy Op Bn (1302-745-

1946) 1945) 1943) 1948) 1945)

FOREIGN RAILWAYS German. RR. Joachimsthaler, Anton. "Hitler's Super Railway." pp. 38-51. Trans from

Trains (Aug 1984):

Photocopy in MiscFile:

A planned gigantic broad-guage system. Mierzejewski, Alfred C. The Collapse of the German War Economy, 1944-1945: Allied Air Power and the German National Railway. Chapel Hill: Nock, O.S. Allan, 1971. UP of NC, 1988. 285 p. HC2864M53. London:

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190 in Persia:

Some Notes on a War-Time 40 p. D75955R62.

Operation. London: British. U.S. Army.

Author, 1951.


Military Railway Service.

Railways of Australia: 58 p.

UG345U52no1. the 1947.

No 1 on Foreign Railways.

Wash, DC, 1942.

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German Locomotive Industry During

European Branch Report No 203, London, Jan

32 p. D785no203. Incls production data and plant damage info.

See also: - "Iran, WWII" (Iran) re Persian Corridor opns - Logistics - Mobilization, Economic - US Home Front (WWII)

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