Three Dimensional Static and Dynamic Finite Element Analysis and Design of Structures

V8 – Non Linear

A Comprehensive Software for the Finite Element Modeling, Static, Dynamic and Non-Linear Analysis and Design of Structures


Key Features

• Powerful and Integrated Structural Analysis and Design Software • Fully Interactive Graphical Interface for quickly creating models


• Frame, Shell, Solid and Non-linear Link Elements

Linear-Dynamic. NonlinearDynamic • Automated design of Concrete and Steel Members to various International Codes Key Features SAP2000 • Fully formatted.Introduction • Extensive Analysis Options including Linear-Static. customized reporting • DXF Import and Export Link to AutoCAD .


Interactive Modeling Powerful Modeling Capabilities SAP2000 .

elevation and developed views SAP2000 .Interactive Modeling Work on Multiple View • Generate complex 3D models using plan.

Interactive Modeling Parametric Structures • Use templates and parametric structures to quickly generate typical models SAP2000 .

merge.Interactive Modeling Powerful Editing Tools • Use quick draw to create elements easily • Duplicate and generate elements with move. mirror and replicate SAP2000 .

Interactive Modeling Powerful Editing Tools • Convenient dividing and meshing of elements SAP2000 .

Interactive Modeling Powerful Editing Tools • Powerful grouping. selection and display tools • On screen assignment of properties. loading and supports • Actual section view SAP2000 • Copy/ Paste to and from spread sheets • Unlimited levels of undo and redo .

Interactive Modeling Convenient Viewing Options • Multiple orthographic and perspective views • Zooming and panning • Standard viewing angles • User defined and named views SAP2000 .

Interactive Modeling • Accurate dimensioning with guidelines and snapping Guides and Grids • Multiple rectangular and cylindrical coordinate systems with flexible grid systems SAP2000 .

Interactive Modeling Feedback and Information • Right button click for instantaneous information on selected objects and elements SAP2000 .


Bracing. Column – Truss. • Non-Linear Link Element for – Hook. Gap.Powerful Frame Elements • Simple Frame Elements for – Beam. Damper – Base Isolators – Friction • Plastic Hinge Element SAP2000 . etc.

CISC. BS etc. SAP2000 .Frame Elements Frame Element Cross-sections • Automatic section property calculation for standard shapes • Built-in steel sections for several Standards including AISC.

Frame Elements Linked to “CSI Section Designer” CSI Section Designer: A highly interactive and comprehensive software for building structural shapes and sections in concrete. steel or composite materials for Frame elements SAP2000 Built-up Steel Composite Sections Reinforced Concrete Simple Steel .

Frame Elements Non-prismatic Frame Elements • Multiple non-prismatic segments over element length to model beams of variable sections SAP2000 .

Frame Elements • Rigid End connections to model large joints • Automated end offset evaluation and assignment Rigid End Offsets SAP2000 .

Frame Elements • Easily model non-fixed connections by general “End-Release” – Axial – Shear – Torsion – Moment End Releases SAP2000 .

Frame Elements • • • • • • Load Options for Frame Elements Gravity Load Point Load Uniform Load Trapezoidal Load Prestress Temperature Variation SAP2000 • Loads applied in any direction and axis .

Frame Elements Temperature Gradient • Applied to Element Section in any direction • Applied to Nodes and Groups SAP2000 .

Frame Elements Handle Prestress Cables • Load due to Prestress can be applied to Frame Elements as Cables in Patterns and Load Cases SAP2000 .

Frame Elements Non-Linear Link Element • For use with the dynamic time history analysis option • Link may be placed between any two joints or from joint to ground • Viscous damper with nonlinear exponent on velocity • Gap (compression only) • Hook (tension only) SAP2000 .

Frame Elements Non-Linear Link Element SAP2000 • Uniaxial plasticity (all 6 degrees of freedom) • Base isolator with biaxial plasticity behavior • Base isolator with friction and/or pendulum behavior • AVI file option for creating real time displays of nonlinear deformation behavior .

Frame Elements Non-Linear Link Element • Force versus deformation plots of nonlinear systems for energy dissipation studies SAP2000 .

Link. Panel zone or inside Frame Elements • Axial. flexural.Plastic Hinge Element • Used as Spring. shear and torsional behavior • Axial-load/ biaxialmoment interaction • Multilinear behavior including softening • Tabulated and Graphical display of hinge status SAP2000 .


Orthotropic and Anisotropy material SAP2000 .Shell Elements Powerful Shell Elements • General quadrilateral or triangular element • Isotropic.

plate or membrane action • Thick shell option Powerful Shell Elements SAP2000 .Shell Elements • Six degrees of freedom per joint • Shell.

Shell Elements Powerful Shell Elements • Gravity and uniform loading • Pressure loading • Temperature and thermal gradient loading SAP2000 .

surface pressure and pressure gradient loading Solid Elements SAP2000 .Solid Elements • Three dimensional 8 node brick element • Anistropic material • Gravity. thermal.


Supports & Restraints • General Spring Connection • Global and skewed springs • Coupled 6x6 user-defined spring stiffness option (for foundation modeling) Joint Restraints SAP2000 .

Supports & Restraints • Generalized joint constraint options including rigid bodies. diaphragms. rods and welds Joint Constraints Weld SAP2000 Rod Diaphragm .

Supports & Restraints Joint Loads and Displacements • Applied force and applied displacements • Inclined Supports and joint local coordinates SAP2000 .

[ K   2 M ]  0 Ku (t )  M u (t )  r (t )  p cos( t )   .

Analysis Options Extensive Analysis Capabilities SAP2000 • Static and/or dynamic response spectrum analysis • P-delta analysis with either static or dynamic analysis • Blocked active column equation solver • Automated fast profile optimization • Non-linear Pushover Analysis .

Analysis Options General Dynamic Analysis SAP2000 • Eigenvalue analysis with an accelerated subspace iteration algorithm • Ritz analysis for fast predominant mode evaluation • Harmonic Steady-State Analysis Ku (t )  M u (t )  r (t )  p cos( t )   [ K   M ]  0 2 .

Analysis Options Time History Analysis SAP2000 • Ground acceleration and Multiple base excitation • Sequential history cases • Time history Windows AVI file • Results can be combined with other loads for enveloping or step by step steel and concrete design .

Analysis Options Time History Analysis SAP2000 • Graphic displays of nodal and element time history records • Functions vs time or function vs function displays • Generation of response spectrum curves for any joint acceleration component .

the CQC or the GMC (Gupta) method • Directional combinations by the ABS or the SRSS method SAP2000 .Analysis Options Response Spectrum Analysis • Multiple response spectrum cases in a single run • Modal combinations by the SRSS.


Bridge Analysis • Moving load analysis • Generation of influence lines and forces envelopes • AASHTO vehicle loads • User-defined truck. lane and train loads Bridge Analysis SAP2000 .

Bridge Analysis • Determination of maximum and minimum displacement and reactions • Capable of handing complex lane geometries Bridge Analysis SAP2000 .

Bridge Analysis • Automatically calculates all possible permutations of traffic loads • Provides correspondence between response components • Results can be combined with other loads for enveloping or corresponding component for steel and concrete design Bridge Analysis SAP2000 .

Viewing Results

Result Viewing Capability


• 3D perspective graphical displays of undeformed and deformed structural geometries • Static deformed shapes and mode shapes • Static and dynamic load combinations and envelopes

Viewing Results

Result Viewing Capability

• View Loading diagrams • Bending moment and shear force diagrams • Stress contours


Viewing Results Result Viewing Capability • Animation of deformed shapes and mode shapes • Animated stress contours SAP2000 .

Viewing Results • Result Viewing Capability Instantaneous graphical and tabulated output details for specific joint or element with right button click Multiple windows displaying different parameters • SAP2000 .


Member Design Member Design • Fully interactive and graphical steel and concrete frame member design • Design for static and dynamic loads • Member-grouping for design envelops • Ductile and non-ductile design SAP2000 .

Member Design • Detailed on-screen design information with right button click Design Output SAP2000 .

New Zealand and Eurocode2 • Biaxial moment-axial load column interaction diagrams SAP2000 .Member Design Design of Concrete Members • Support ACI. Canada. British. AASHTO.

Canada. British. New Zealand and Eurocode3 • Steel member selection and optimization SAP2000 .Member Design Design of Steel Members • Support AISC (ASD and LRFD). AASHTO.


select view.New Tools SAP200-DXF-AutoCAD Cycle SAP 2000 Structure Database DXF Converter-Out (Display geometry. Convert to SAP. Convert to DXF. Select drawing options. Save as Meta files) DXF File SAP Objects AutoCAD etc DXF Converter-In * (Display DXF content. Save in MDB) SAP2000 Final DXF File AutoCAD etc AutoCAD etc DXF File (Template) . Select options.

New Tools Transfer Model To AutoCAD • Complete control of the elements and attributes to be transferred • Generate wire-frame or full solid models SAP2000 .

New Tools Get Model From AutoCAD SAP2000 .

tables and graphics.New Tools SAPReporter Create fully customized and formatted reports for selected items including text. . • SAP2000 • Output can be • Previewed on screen • Printed on paper • Saved in RTF files • Saved in HTML format for viewing in web browsers.

Dynamic and Non-Linear Analysis and Design of Structures .SAP2000 V8 – Non Linear A Comprehensive Software for the Finite Element Modeling. Static.

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