Soviet Union Soviet Union The Soldiers of the Soviet Union are Tough and determent men. Ability Modifiers: +2 Constitution -2 Charisma Base Speed: 30 Feet Hatred Germans: Soviets gain a +1 bonus when attacking Germans. Starting Money: Soviets Start of with 3D10$ which they can spend on starting Items. Toughness: Soviets receive a +1 bonus to Fortitude saves. . This led to the killing and capture of Millions of Russians. During the early stages of the war the Soviet Union was driven back by the Germans and soldiers where badly armed and where out-tought by the Germans. Cold Resistant: Soviets receive a +5 bonus to survival in cold environments. Soviets receive a -2 to Sense Motive and Diplomacy but receive a +2 bonus Intimidate. Chain of Command: Soviets know that questioning your higher ranking officer is ineffective.

40$ Chocolate Bar 0.60$ Backpack 4$ Vodka 2$ Rations(day) 0.Starting Items Standard Starting Items Model 1940 “ushanka” cap Model 1935 coat.75$ SSH40 Helmet 4$ Medical Supplies 4$ . with service branch insignia on the collar tabs Army Boots Bayonet Ammo pouches Gasmask Folding shovel Additional Starting Items Nagant M1895 Revolver 10$ TT-33 Pistol 16$ Pistol Holster 2$ Bullets Pistol x20 2$ TT-33 Clip 1$ Speed loader 0.

Profession. Navigate. Listen. Requirements Base Attack: +5 Skill: Knowledge (tactics) 4 Ranks Feats: Weapon Proficiency. Quick Reload Class Skills: Jump. Vital Shot The Crit range of a Rifle is improved by 1. .Advance Classes Elite Rifleman An Elite Rifleman is an Experienced soldier that specializes in the use of his Rifle to its max potential he is deadly at range but still able to fight in close combat. Swim Skill Points at Each Level +5 Int Modifier Weapon Focus Elite Riflemen gain a +1 bonus to attacks when using a Rifle. Survival. Spot.

. Rifle Specialist Elite Riflemen gain a +4 bonus to damage when using a Rifle Kill shot When an Elite Rifleman scores a Critical hit he deals full damage and can make an additional attack if he has ammunition left in his firearm. Rifle Master When Scoring a Critical hit the Rifleman will deal x3 damage instead of x2.Bonus Feat Bayonet Specialist The Elite Rifleman gains a +1 bonus to attack and defense when fighting with a Bayonet.

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