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CCAUT General Fax tine 122607 pm 0227-2000 2n Swwncautes —7%5 pomeradeCueengiow Dive wi NUITO omsceneon Orava Oar) ZB Facae, EOROTIO, CAUT ACPPU Canadian Assocation of University Teachers Association canadienne des professeures et professeurs dunversté February 27, 2009 ‘The Honourable Gary Goodyear Minister of State for Science and Technology 235 Queen Street Ottawa ON KIA OHS Dear Minister Goodyear: want to thank you for taking the time to meet with representatives of our organization on February 25". However, I am deeply disturbed by the unprofessional attitude you and your chief of staff displayed during the meeting It is clear that we have fundamental differences of opinion about the impact of some of the measures in your government's budget on Canada’s research community, We have concems about the state of scientific research, and we had hoped that we would have been able to engage ina reasonable and respectful discussion and exchange of views. As the organization representing virtually all academic researchers in Canada, we believe itis important for the government to consider our views. Unfortunately, you were unwilling o listen, avoided answering direct questions, and consistently interrupted. Your chief of staff displayed an appalling lack of professionalism in yelling at one of our representatives to “shut up.” There is no justification for this type of behaviour. Our representatives listened carefully to your views and acted professionally, but you did not, accord us the same respect. I deeply regret that this is the attitude you have taken. In the ten ‘years Ihave been Executive Director, neither Tnor any of our staff have been subjected to such treatment by any other minister or ministerial staff of any party Yous tly, -— Ted FA ca James L. Turk Executive Director cc. Rt. Hon, Prime Minister Stephen Harper Hon. Tony Clement, Minister of Industry Mr. Mare Gameau, Liberal critic for Industry, Science and Technology Mr. Jim Maloway, NDP critic for Science and Technology