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US Army Medical Sterile Procedures Ed.100

US Army Medical Sterile Procedures Ed.100

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US Army Medical Sterile Procedures Ed.100
US Army Medical Sterile Procedures Ed.100

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Published by: Space_Hulker on Mar 03, 2009
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a. Assemble Equipment and Supplies. Obtain a sterilized prep set. Place set
near work area so that it can be reached easily. The contents of the set may vary, but
should include the following items:

(1) Sponge basin.

(2) Solution cup.

(3) Gauze pads.

(4) Asepto syringe.

(5) Safety razor and blade.

(6) Sterile water or sterile saline solution.

(7) Povidone-iodine (Betadine) solution.

(8) Protective pad (Chux if available).

(9) Sterile gloves in appropriate sizes.

(10) Basin (such as emesis basin).

b. Prepare the Patient.

(1) Explain procedure to the patient to ensure understanding and


(2) Position patient as indicated by physician or supervisor.



(3) Place protective pad under area to be treated.

(4) Secure patient to table or litter by using litter straps or other suitable

restraints, if needed.

(5) Provide privacy by closing the door, pulling the curtain, or screening the

treatment area, if possible.

(6) Expose the site of the injury by removing or cutting away clothing,
bandages, and dressings. Do not expose any more of the patient's body than is

(a) Use blunt-tipped bandage scissors to cut away clothing and


(b) If bandage or dressing is stuck, loosen it by moistening it with

sterile saline.

(7) Focus light on area to be treated.

c. Wash Hands. Perform a patient care handwash.

d. Prepare the Sterile Field.

(1) Remove caps and stoppers from solution bottles.

(2) Open the prep set.

(a) Open outer wrapper with bare hands.

(b) Glove one hand and use that hand to open inner wrapper. Do not
touch any unsterile item with gloved hand. Keep your gloved hand above work surface.

(c) Using your ungloved hand, pick up the sterile solution bottle and
pour small amount of solution into a trash receptacle.

(d) Pick up the sterile basin with your gloved hand, step back from the
sterile field, and pour the sterile solution into the basin. (The bottle is still held in the
ungloved hand.)

(e) Return the basin to the sterile field and replace cap on bottle. (Use

ungloved hand to replace cap.)

(f) Using your ungloved hand, pour povidone-iodine into solution cup
(bottle held in ungloved hand); then replace cap.

(g) Glove bare hand.



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