Step toward Peace

Ms. Sun Chhorvy and Ms. Nop Ponalen (Cambodia) Problem Statement There are many kinds of conflicts among the Cambodians. Mostly, these conflicts happen among young Cambodians especially High School students. Therefore, we want to prepare a Workshop to raise some of these issues. In this workshop we will also present our future plans. Our Objectives - to change young peoples behavior/attitudes toward violence and conflicts. - to change the concept that some people have that only violence/conflicts can solve problems. - to promote the concepts of peace culture, love and respect, relationship, to build peace. - To build a network among young people and contribute their concepts of peace to other people. - to start to think about how people can achieve peace together from now on. Our Stakeholders children high school students teachers/professors monks/specialist experts youth volunteers

In order to get the youth's involvement, we have several activities:

Peace Promotion . we expect that: . Our Budget Our budget is not clear yet.there will be more and more people thinking and practicing peace in Cambodian society .cooperative activities When and Where We will invite youth from different schools and universities to join the workshop or training which will take place in Phnom Penh.they will sharing information about peace to their friends .play games that relates to love .young people will understand the concept of peace . The Expected Outcomes What we do above.brainstorm the peace concepts (causes and effects of conflicts) . We will also propose fund from NGO’s. but will try to raise funds by selling souvenirs or T-shirts that has proverbs and pictures related to peace.let's let to build network or group to share about peace and human security..young people will love and understand about each other more after talking and sharing .share experiences .make reflections and discuss the meanings after playing the games . The venue and time will be flexible based on the time and place available.

For example. . Future Step We want to have exchange students from different schools and universities to exchange ideas. there will be slogans or pictures related to peace. "Peace Culture Starts from Me". On T-shirts.We have some ideas of peace promotion by selling peace T-shirt in order to raise peace awareness. cultures and building peace among the region.

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