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Nowhere is this old adage more apparent than in the publishing industry. In our modern digital age, if you don’t have the information your readers want when they want it, they will ( justifiably so) go and find it somewhere else. Therefore, in keeping with a 40-year tradition of striving to provide the absolute latest bodybuilding news and information, MuscleMag is proud to present our Arnold Classic 2013 Digital Special Issue. Rest assured, this is not a one-time experiment. Rather it’s just part of our greater commitment to revamping, reevaluating and reinventing the way we do things so as to better benefit our valued readers. Instead of sitting around complaining about how fickle audiences have become and griping about how things aren’t like they used to be, we’ve wholeheartedly committed ourselves to the new way of doing things. To put it plainly, we’re not only a print magazine anymore; we’re a complete, total-media bodybuilding resource. So wherever you happen to be reading this, sit back, relax and experience the 2013 Arnold Classic firsthand through our one-of-a-kind photographs and expert reporting and analysis. Or you can wait six to eight weeks and see what our competitors have to say about the show!
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MARCH 2013 |

06 Dexter Wins Fourth Title! 12 “The Blade”
Dexter Jackson

16 Men’s placing 2–5 24 Men’s placing 6–13 38 Ms. International 42 Fitness International 46 Figure International 50 Bikini Internatinoal 56 Arnold Men’s Amateur 58 Arnold Strongman






42 50 38
MARCH 2013 |



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Dennis Wolf and Branch Warren. The Blade. fourth last year. Georgia’s Toney Freeman is another seasoned pro that’s getting better competitions scores with age. who last won the event in 2008. With his superfreaky legs reminiscent of one Tom Platz. there were those who thought Jacksonville. Kai Greene. Jay Cutler. In his biggest payday ever. The Blade proved he still has what it takes to bag a big one. recorded a perfect score in claiming the $130.” wiTh FourTh asc win At 06 MARCH 2013 | musclemag. but the Pakman’s rapid ascent up the Arnold Classic standings (10th in musclemag. all sitting this one out in favor of September’s Olympia showdown — The Blade looked every bit as conditioned as he did when he was regularly winning the sport’s biggest contests a decade earlier. And what a win it was. But at least on the night of March 2 at the Arnold Classic in Columbus. which netted him another $10. who was also coming off last December’s Masters Olympia title to run his win streak to | MARCH 2013 07 . The 5´6˝ athlete was competing in a record 14th Arnold Classic. Not only did the Jackson “You could call it redemption for a man seemingly forgotten.000 check to go along with the contest’s Most Muscular Award. OH. Olympia title as other younger bodybuilders seemed to pass him by. second this time around) indicate that Canada’s best bodybuilder is a force to be reckoned with. Ben is best known for his 22-inch calves.000 firstplace prize by a decisive margin over runner-up Ben Pakulski of Canada. His contest placings had slipped since his 2008 Mr. Pakman also earned his highest-ever placing in a pro event. FL’s Dexter Jackson’s best years were behind him. You could call it redemption for a man seemingly long forgotten.conTesT rePorT Ties record age 43. taking second and receiving a $70.000. Dexter won his fourth Arnold Classic title — tying Flex Wheeler’s record of four ASC wins — in taking the 25th anniversary event before a sell-out crowd. and despite the absence of the sport’s most elite names — Phil Health.

he was knocked down a few places as he wasn’t as sharp during the finals.000 $30. Just making the top 10 was Canada’s Fouad Abiad. Last year. Fred Smalls is anything but. Darrem Charles. MA 08 MARCH 2013 | musclemag. 2003 and 2005. Though he was in fourth after the afternoon judging session. who placed ninth.000 prize. He was followed by Arizona’s Marcus Haley (11th). Fred’s routine was met with roaring approval. Gaspari thanked Arnold.000 $15. and for this event it was when South Carolina’s Cedric McMillan’s name was given sixth. The state of Indiana was also represented in the top 10 with 41-year-old Ed Nunn taking eighth. hugely popular back home. and if there’s any aspect of the show the bodybuilder from Delaware knows how to do well. Hide (pronounced Hee-day).000 **Winner of Most Entertaining Poser Award and $10. Darrem’s best finish was 6th. the committee honored Rich Gaspari.000 fourth-place check. Not to be left out of the 40-something | MARCH 2013 09 . Johnnie overcame a four-point deficit after prejudging to claim the $30. has a long and respected 22-year pro career. For his efforts. who moved up a placing in each of the two past two years at the ASC. OH 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Dexter Jackson Ben Pakulski* Toney Freeman Johnnie Jackson Hidetada Yamagishi Cedric McMillan Fred Smalls** Ed Nunn Darrem Charles Fouad Abiad Marcus Haley Michael Kefalianos Ronny Rockel USA Canada USA USA Japan USA USA USA USA Canada USA Greese Germany $130. it comes on the heels of his runner-up placing to Dexter at the Masters Olympia last December. who won the inaugural ASC title 25 years ago and is now president of Gaspari Nutrition. Texan Johnnie Jackson raced to his best ASC finish ever. classic lines and entertaining posing. Now living in Florida but originally from Trinidad. 2013 * Columbus. the Hoosier has similar Xframed lines that make Toney Freeman so popular. he’s still renowned for his conditioning. his family and his employees.000 46-year-old’s third-place finish tie his highest placing ever at the ASC (Toney also placed third in 2007). Greece’s Michael Kefalianos (12th) and Germany’s Ronny Rockel (13th). It seems every bodybuilding competition has its share of controversy. Rounding out the top five was Japan’s Hidetada Yamagishi.000 $75. With more height and size than his competitors — he’s 6´2˝ and competes at 284 pounds — the X-Man’s star is again on the rise as he’s now considered a bona fide threat to challenge in the Olympia.000 $50. Coming off his fourthplace finish at the 2012 Masters Olympia. it’s entertain.conTesT rePorT arnold classic resulTs March 2. —Bill Geiger.000 award for the evening’s Most Entertaining Poser. A crowd favorite. A chorus of boos rained down when his placing was announced. Toney took home a nifty 50 grand. Fred’s 7th place finish was also his best ever at a top pro show. In his 10 ASC showings. MuscleMag publisher Robert Kennedy was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award just a month before his passing. a feat he accomplished in 1998.000 $10. In a moving musclemag. Though he hasn’t competed much in recent years. The 2009 NPC Nationals super heavyweight champ may have been overlooked in the afternoon judging round but rebounded nicely at the night session to take the $10. moving up three spots from his 7th place finish in 2011. Considered the world’s strongest bodybuilder. a contest some had him pegged to place just second in. making him the obvious choice for the $10.000 *Winner of Most Muscular Award and $10. improved upon his previous best 8th place finish in 2010 ASC. This year.

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12 MARCH 2013 | musclemag. and I congratulate him on a well-deserved win. Dexter was sharper than most of the field. Keep laying a template and setting an’s winner Dexter Jackson 1 Take on dexTer Dexter has always impressed me with his ability to adapt and try new approaches to bodybuilding. So much muscle on such a shredded. He is truly a master of the art of bodybuilding. His connection with George Farah has had a revitalizing effect on his physique. symmetrical frame is very hard to beat. and he definitely stood out when compared to the other bodies in the lineup. Dex! Brandon’s Pros Brandon’s ThoughTs While I don’t believe he was | MARCH 2013 13 . He was obviously on enough to undisputedly take the show. I respect Dex a lot for his ability to perform at such a high level for so musclemag.

14 MARCH 2013 | musclemag. All in | MARCH 2013 15 .cons Brandon’s ThoughTs He was too oily in prejudging yet could have used more oil at the finals. he didn’t appear to be quite as full as he was at the Masters musclemag.

com | MARCH 2013 17 . He really gets the crowd going. Ben is so freaky in his poses. cons Brandon’s ThoughTs Ben was not quite as impressive when he wasn’t’s FinalisTs 2–5 Ben Pakulski 2 Pros Brandon’s ThoughTs Man. He looked hard and dry with a noticeable improvement in musclemag. 16 MARCH 2012 | musclemag. You can just tell Ben’s been working hard. Not the prettiest physique onstage but impressive nonetheless. His back also lacked thickness and detail. and something was off when he entered the stage.

com musclemag. He needs a bit of pop to his muscle. The X-Man was definitely on his game and deserved his placing. It’s seems to me that he is losing leg size. Toney Freeman 3 cons Brandon’s ThoughTs I thought he could have been fuller. as his wheels are not quite as massive as they used to be.Pros Brandon’s ThoughTs Toney came in | MARCH 2013 19 . 18 MARCH 2013 | musclemag. hard and very sharp from front to back.

His legs were | MARCH 2013 21 . It was definitely on for Johnnie! cons Brandon’s ThoughTs Unfortunately. his lower body did not seem improved. but they lacked the size to match his upper body.Pros Brandon’s ThoughTs Johnnie Jackson 4 Johnnie is so massive up top! He was in pretty good shape and his muscles looked hard. 20 MARCH 2013 | musclemag.

com | MARCH 2013 23 .Pros Brandon’s ThoughTs Hide appeared bigger and fuller at this show than I’ve seen in the past. but this may have had something to do with his musclemag. Maybe he just wasn’t controlling it well. His conditioning was sub-par. 22 MARCH 2013 | musclemag. He showed more abdominal distension than I’ve seen from him in a while. My hat goes off to him as he shows the true samurai spirit! Hidetada Yamagishi 5 cons Brandon’s ThoughTs I don’t believe bigger is necessarily better for Hide’s frame. I’m very surprised he came into this show looking this good considering his broken wrist.

men’s FinalisTs 6–13 Cedric McMillan 6 cons Brandon’s ThoughTs Pros Brandon’s ThoughTs I’m tired of hearing about this guy’s potential — it’s just obvious! He was bigger than I’ve ever seen him. he performed with great confidence and he was having fun. He just needs some hardness and dryness. 24 MARCH 2013 | musclemag. They want to see his physique in all its glory. He had the prettiest physique . Judges are looking for this guy to nail it.

Fred Smalls 7 Pros Brandon’s ThoughTs When Fred first came out I immediately noticed his increased mass. We're the same way. Let's see what you're made of. 26 MARCH 2013 | | musclemag. no spice… Nice? Shit. So you spent the better part of your life busting your balls and making this machine one rep.You weren’t born like this and don’t have anyone to thank but yourself. and one meal at a time. That’s what you are and what you’re made of. His added thickness was apparent. Put in the work and we’ll put out the best. as they lacked detail. especially in his chest.You know that what you put in. cons Brandon’s ThoughTs Though his condition was not bad he could have been harder and dryer. you get out.. one pack.. He put on the most entertaining performance of the night. No sugar. most award-winning training pack in the world since 1983 in Animal Pak. nice has got nothing to do with it. Built like a truck and massive as XXX MONTH 2012 . His softness really started to show in his glutes and hams. That’s why we’ve been making the best. He’s been really putting in some work and his quads were sweeping like crazy. We get it.

I don’t remember his glutes ever being as striated as I saw them at the finals. Edward Nunn 8 cons Brandon’s ThoughTs cons Brandon’s ThoughTs His upper body was a bit | MARCH 2013 29 .com musclemag. Darrem Charles 9 Pros Brandon’s ThoughTs It was great to see Darrem back onstage. He needs a bit more fullness and pop. I would have liked to have seen him compared in a high callout. The first thing I noticed was that he had on a little too much oil. He was dry from front to back and his glutes were in better shape than they’ve been in a while. Then he turned around and appeared to be softer from the back.Pros Brandon’s ThoughTs I felt that at the finals he was one of the sharpest in the show. His physique lacks density. He performed and moved onstage as if he never left. 28 MARCH 2013 | musclemag.

He definitely looks to have increased in size! CLEAN ENERGY ©2013 ABB Performance LLC cons Brandon’s ThoughTs He just didn’t stand out. ABB’s legendary Speed Stack® delivers intense energy with a nutritional profile clean enough for any cutting phase. Reach into the cooler and get a grip on greatness. He just doesn’t flow as well with the size i ncrease. Built A Division of Optimum Nutrition Greater Than . I don’t think Fouad had a bad performance. This product is not intended to diagnose.COM 1000 MG ENERGY STACK 0G 5 SUGAR CALORIES 30 MARCH 2013 | musclemag. 1-866-3539-ABB WWW. Getting psyched up for a physical challenge shouldn’t weigh down your performance with sugar. and his lower back had a noticeable film on it. treat. fat and way too many calories. .Pros Brandon’s ThoughTs 10 Fouad Abiad Despite his low placing. Each 18 ounce bottle bangs out an impressive 250 mg of caffeinated energy with no sugar or fat and just 5 AVAILABLE AT: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. cure or prevent any disease.

Belly rolling is not a good idea if you’re trying to hide distension. It was definitely on for . Marcus Haley 11 cons Brandon’s ThoughTs The biggest flaw I saw from Marcus was that he had trouble controlling his midsection. His old quad injury wasn’t even noticeable. He was lean but could have been a tad bit drier.Pros Brandon’s ThoughTs Marcus is a great entertainer and appeared to be having a great time onstage. 32 MARCH 2013 | musclemag.

His hardness really comes out as he poses. he just looked bored onstage! 34 MARCH 2013 | musclemag. He lacked detail and was holding water. he has many more shows ahead of him and is still waiting to peak! Ronny looked softer than normal.Michael Kefalianos 12 Pros Brandon’s ThoughTs Mike showed why he is known for his wheels and razor-sharp | MARCH 2013 35 . Most importantly. 13 Ronny Rockel Pros Brandon’s ThoughTs After all these years. He also needs to make more of an effort to control the distension in his stomach. and he appeared a bit bigger. Ronny still has good muscles and solid structure. cons Brandon’s ThoughTs cons Brandon’s ThoughTs Coming in a little heavier took away from his usually superior conditioning. His wheels were definitely still there. Knowing Mike.

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With another perfect score and already the owner of a record-tying eight Ms. but settled for third this time around. 2013 * Columbus.inTernaTional — again exas’ Iris Kyle picked up a record seventh Ms. Brigita Brezovac 1 kyle runs away wiTh ms. male or female. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia.000 secondplace prize. Iris Kyle. who finished dead last in her first Ms. and the shortest competitor onstage at 5´2˝. finished second a year ago at both the Ms. Olympia. Competing in the 50th professional show of her career. who has cumulated three pro wins in her three-plus year pro career.000 $5. International effort (19th in 1999). Slovenia’s Brigita Brezovac.000 $13. but won the lightweight category in the 2003 event. Debi Laszewski.000 $8. it doesn’t appear Kyle will be bowing out any time soon. inTernaTional Iris Kyle FrOM leFt tO rigHt: Angela Debatin. becoming the most decorated bodybuilder of all time. inTernaTional resulTs March 1. International finishes having placed fourth a year ago. so those records she’s smashing will simply set new. International crown on March 1 in Columbus. International winner herself settled for the $13. the five-time musclemag. The Yaxeni OriquenGarcia 2 T ms. Debi Laszewski. Olympia and has only once placed outside the top five in a pro show since her pro debut in 2007. MA 38 MARCH 2013 | musclemag. This was LeFrancois’s 12th appearance at the | MARCH 2013 39 .000 $2. higher marks. somebody has to finish second and once again it was Miami’s Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia. Cathy LeFrancois. With the win.000 $3. came in fourth. OH.000 first-place prize. OH 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Iris Kyle Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia Debi Laszewski Brigita Brezovac Cathy LeFrancois Angela Debatin Kim Buck Olga Puzanova Tazzi Colomb Jeannie Paparone Eleni Kavva USA USA USA Slovenia Canada USA USA Russia USA USA Greece $25. who lives just up the I-95 in Jupiter. Unfortunately. No one has come as far as Canada’s Cathy LeFrancois. the 5´7˝. 160-pounder claimed the $25.000 winner of three consecutive New York Pro Championships. –Bill Geiger. International and Ms. now has back-to-back top-five Ms. Olympia wins. Her best finish on the big stage was third at the 2011

com | MARCH 2013 41 .com musclemag.Debi Laszewski 3 Brigita Brezovac 4 Angela Debatin 6 Cathy LeFrancois 5 40 MARCH 2013 | musclemag.

com | MARCH 2013 43 .000 — and possibly a leading role in a future Cirque du Soleil show? — for her efforts. The FiTness inTernaTional FrOM leFt tO rigHt: Ryall Vasani. New Jersey’s Bethany Cisternino placed third. Bethany Cisternino.000 Grishina.FiTness inTernaTional Tanji Johnson 1 Johnson wins ashington state’s immensely popular Tanji Johnson is a two-time runner-up of both the Fitness International and Fitness Olympia. Trish Warren. Cisternino won the 2010 Europa Super Show and was runner-up in countless others. in her 10Th Try. Texas’ Trish (and wife of Branch) Warren finished fourth. including the St. strength and flexibility moves that oftentimes defy human limits (if you haven’t seen her routine. Louis Pro and Fort Lauderdale Cup last season. continuing a string of top finishes that included third at the Fitness International (2011) and fourth (2010) a year earlier. the former European champ’s highest placing at Columbus had been fourth in 2009. A consistent finisher. Tanji johnson. OH 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Tanji Johnson Oksana Grishina Bethany Cisternino Trish Warren Regiane DaSilva Ryall Vasani Kizzy Vaines Nicole Duncan Fiona Harris Amanda Hatfield USA Russia USA USA Germany Canada United Kingdom USA Canada USA $25. finished fifth.000 $2. OH. just three points behind Warren. The three-time pro winner took home $13. 2013 * Columbus. but she finally bagged the big one in taking the 2013 Fitness International crown on March 1 at Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Columbus. Her impressive résumé is bookended by a win at the Arnold Classic Europe in 2011. Now in her seventh Fitness International appearance. Back onstage after maternity leave. who now makes her home in North Hollywood. With a perfect score in the swimsuit round combined with an athletic and acrobatic routine that took second in that round. Oksana Grishina. is a crowd favorite with her tumbling. CA.000 $5. check it out on YouTube). MA 42 MARCH 2013 | musclemag.000 first-place check.000 $8. she edged out Russia’s Oksana Grishina for the $25. This was the 10th time that Johnson had competed in the Fitness musclemag. Brazilian native Regiane DaSilva. who now lives in Germany.000 $3. –Bill Geiger.000 $13. FiTness inTernaTional resulTs March 1. Regiane DaSilva W ms.

com | MARCH 2013 45 .Bethany Cisternino 3 Oksana Grishina 2 Trish Warren 4 Regiane DaSilva 5 Ryall Vasani 6 44 MARCH 2013 | musclemag.

but instead it was Utah’s Heather Dees who narrowly took the runner-up spot. Fort Lauderdale musclemag. FL. Candice Lewis. MA keene Figure inTernaTional win Candice Keene Heather Dees Erin Stern Candice Lewis Mallory Haldeman Camala Rodriguez Ava Cowan Gennifer Strobo Cheryl Brown Kamla Macko Ann Titone Aleisha Hart Candice John Nicole Sims Giada Simari Olga Morales Natalie Waples FrOM leFt tO rigHt: Camala Rodriguez.000 Heather Dees 2 46 MARCH 2013 | musclemag.000 $2. taking the first-place prize of $16.000 $5. Haldeman took second in her pro debut in Tampa last August and fifth in the Figure Olympia. Omaha Pro and Wings of Strength). With five pro wins in 2012 including the Bikini Olympia.000 $8. Australian Pro. —Bill Geiger. Heather Dees. Candice | MARCH 2013 47 . Tampa’s Erin Stern was the odds-on favorite to win. Figure Olympia and Sheru Classic a year ago but still managed a perfect score in the 11th rendition of the women’s event. Dees won the California Governor’s Cup a year ago and placed fifth at last year’s Figure International. who entered the competition having won five of the 10 pro shows she’d entered since 2011. Mallory Haldeman ms. For Stern. Figure inTernaTional resulTs March 1. winning five contests (Houston Pro. Seven-time pro winner Candice Keene of Maitland.000. Rounding out the top five was Las Vegas’ Mallory Haldeman. In fourth was Arizona’s Candice Lewis. OH. Pro World. 2013 * Columbus. Erin Stern.000 $3. OH 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 15 15 USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA Canada Trinidad USA Italy Mexico Canada $16. the 2013 Ms.Figure inTernaTional Candice Keene 1 secures decisive W ith three-time defending champion Nicole Wilkins sidelined with an injury. Figure International at the Arnold Classic on March 1 in Columbus.000 $10. the fall to third was a bit of a disappointment given her collection of hardware after she won the Arnold Figure Europe. Keene finished third at the Figure International. A pro for less than a year. Lewis had a record-tying year in 2012. Valenti Gold Cup and Sheru Classic in addition to her Oympia win. won her biggest competition ever. was a wide-open race for the title.

com | MARCH 2013 49 .Erin Stern 3 Candice Lewis 4 Mallory Haldeman 5 Camala Rodriguez 6 48 MARCH 2013 | musclemag.

Nathalia Melo.000 $2.000 $1. too. India Paulino. 2013 * Columbus. having won the 2009 Jacksonville Pro to go with a pair of runner-up finishes. swept the Ms. who was making her first appearance on the Bikini International stage. OH 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 India Paulino Nathalia Melo Nicole Nagrani Yeshaira Robles Jessica Paxson Jaime Baird Jennifer Andrews Tiffany Marie Boydstor Tawna Eubanks Ashley Kaltwasser Anna Virmajoki Lacey DeLuca Abigail Burrows Alexis Kaufman Noy Alexander Marcela Triban USA Brazil USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA Finland USA USA USA USA Columbia $7. Melo was trying to bookend her huge win last September at the 2012 Bikini Olympia with the Arnold title. Finishing fourth was New York City’s Yeshaira Robles. who came in fifth on this stage a year ago. coming up with her biggest title yet on the professional stage at the Ms. OH’s Jessica Paxson.000 FBB bikini competitions may be only in their fourth year. Two years ago another Floridian.000 first-place prize. The five-time pro champ.Bikini FrOM leFt tO rigHt: Jessica Paxon. The full-time medical student at Stetson University in DeLand won both the Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Tampa Pro and Sheru Classic titles a year ago. lives in Fort Lauderdale. Bikini International at the Arnold Classic in Columbus. In front of a sold-out Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Though as a sport it offers little more than women standing and turning onstage. MA India Paulino 1 Nathalia Melo 2 50 MARCH 2013 | musclemag. the crossover appeal is obvious as the women’s competition is staged back-to-back with the men’s pro show. Nicole Nagrani.000 $1. Paxson came in fourth at the inaugural Bikini International in 2011. On Paulino’s heels was a competitor who knows the champion all too well considering she. Paulino moved up a spot from last year’s runner-up finish to edge Brazil’s Nathalia Melo and claim the $7. Bikini International and Bikini Olympia | MARCH 2013 51 .000 $3. but already Fort Lauderdale. Robles had a breakout rookie season a year ago. OH. FL’s India Paulino tallied her sixth pro win on March 2. Yeshaira Robles. The certified personal trainer is a former figure competitor who transitioned into bikini. Bikini inTernaTional resulTs March 2. winning the Valenti Gold Cup and Fort Lauderdale Cup while placing third in three other musclemag. Rounding out the top five was Centerville. Nicole Nagrani. —Bill Geiger. Jamie Baird Paulino wins Bikini I inTernaTional By razor-Thin margin ms. but she fell to third this time around. lost by just two points.000 $1.

. for a whole new beast. 52 MARCH 2013 | | musclemag. it’s a new .B E W A R E. new formulas. 4 I T ’ S E V O L V I N G. Nicole Nagrani 3 Yeshaira Robles a new XXX MONTH 2012 musclemag..

com MONTH 2012 .Jessica Paxson 5 Jamie Baird 6 54 XXXMARCH 2012 | | musclemag.

com | MARCH 2013 56 MARCH 2013 | 57 .arnold amaTeur Heavyweight and Overall Champion Emiliano Dell’Uomo Middleweight Champion Super Heavyweight Champion Charles Mario Soares Welterweight Champion Darren Ball Mahmut Irmak Lightweight Champion arnold amaTeur men’s BodyBuilding class winners Lightweight Champion Welterweight Champion Light Middleweight Champion Middleweight Champion Light Heavyweight Champion Heavyweight and Overall Champion Super Heavyweight Champion Marcin Kosel Mahmut Irmak Randolph Stephen Naranjo Charles Mario Soares Alex Dos Anjos Emiliano Dell’Uomo Darren Ball Poland Turkey Venezuela Brazil Brazil Italy United Kingdom Light Heavyweight Champion Light Middleweight Champion Marcin Kosel Alex Dos Anjos Randolph Stephen Naranjo musclemag.

the 46-year-old ageless wonder. Adam Scherr (US) “Lalas is the total package! He’s strong. doing a one-arm overhead press with a gargantuan 275-pound dumbbell five times from the floor in 90 seconds.000 $6.000 $5. In third was Russia’s Mikhail “Misha” Koklyaev. Felix. At 5´10˝ Lalas is also the smallest athlete to ever win the Arnold Strongman Classic. in the end it worked to his advantage because so many people counted him out and expected someone else to win. who bagged $15. who took home an $8. Besides Shaw’s record. OH 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Vytautas Lalas Brian Shaw Mikhai Koklyaev Krzysztof Radzikowski Mike Burke Mark Felix Jerry Pritchett Hafthor Bjornsson Derek Poundstone Adam Scherr Lithuania USA Russia Poland USA United Kingdom USA Iceland USA USA $60.000 $15. Derek Poundstone (US). and Krzysztof Radzikowski set a world record in the Austrian Oak with a threetime clean and two push-presses of 445 pounds. Mike Burke (USA).000 and the Louis Cyr Trophy on March 2 in Columbus. so he had nothing to lose.000. “The deadlift was nuts as nearly all competitors were lifting around 1. who earned $10. came in second and took the $20. Mikhail Koklyaev (Russia). then shocked the crowd by hitting an outof-competition record of 1.” 1.122 pounds for new world records in the Tire Deadlift. but Lalas had not trained in 2–3 weeks because of a tear in his quad. including a world record in the Manhood Stones competition by lifting 540 pounds three times. That makes his victory even more impressive. Brian Shaw. Mark Felix (UK).com | MARCH 2013 58 MARCH 2013 | musclemag. Jerry Pritchett (US).” lalas rallies To win arnold sTrongman Commentary by Mike Jenkins. However.000 $20.128 pounds!” arnold sTrongman resulTs March 1–2.000 $8. Brian Shaw (USA).000 $10. fast and doesn’t give up. who led after three rounds.000 award. fourth place went to Poland’s Krzysztof Radzikowski.000 $3.000 “It was not known before the contest by anyone other than myself and a few others.OOO pounds! England’s Mark Felix and Brian Shaw tied for an in-contest record of 1. followed by Colorado’s Mike Burke. I think he was initially second-guessing himself on certain lifts because of his injury. Mark Feliz and Shaw both made 1. a number of other world marks fell during the two-day competition. Krzysztof Radzikowski (Poland). 2013 * Columbus. to come from behind and win the 12th annual Arnold Classic Strongman and claim the sport’s top payday of $60. World’s Strongest Man. musclemag.128 pound record 4 There were four events: • The Austrian Oak (log lift) • The Manhood Stones • The Tire Deadlift • The Circus Dumbbell. OH.arnold sTrongman FrOM leFt tO rigHt: Vytautus Lalas (Lithuania). Thor Bjornsson (Iceland).000 $1.122 pounds.000. the Circus Dumbbell. Team MHP Athlete L ithuania’s Vytautas Lalas won the final event.000 59 .000 $2.

I had the pleasure of announcing the contest and really got to soak up what the athletes 61 . Vytautas Lalas and Mikhail Koklyaev from Russia took | MARCH 2013 60 MARCH 2013 | musclemag.” 264 pounds “Vytautus Lalas and Mikhail Koklyaev were the standouts when it came to the 264-pound dumbbells.” “The Austrian Oak log lift went as I predicted. I know Thor to be an amazing stone loader. For me. As a result he finished 9th. but this just wasn’t his day.“Another big surprise was the biceps injury to crowd favorite Derek Poundstone. with the big one weighing 54O pounds and the smaller one 452 pounds.” musclemag.” “The stones were heavier than ever. The USA’s Brian Shaw ran away with this event with five reps. and I wasn’tsurprised to see Poland’s Krzysztof Radzikowski win the event. the huge surprise was Thor Bjornsson from Iceland getting zero reps on the big stone. He tore his right biceps attempting to load the 54O-pound stone. All the guys looked huge in the meeting and were anxious to get going. hitting five and four reps respectively off the floor!” “While it was disappointing not being able to defend my title due to injury.

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