Sukkur Institute of Buisness Administration

First Term Practical Examination (Spring Semester 2013) BE (Telecom Engineering and Electrical Engineering) Programs BS (Computer Science and Software Engineering) Programs
w.e.f: February, 25 to March 02, 2013 Date

9:00 to 12:10 11:10 to 2:30 9:00 to 12:10 11:10 to 2:30 9:00 to 12:10



Room No.

Instructor / Invagilator
Ms. Nahdia Majeed

MONDAY 25-02-2013

BS-III(CS&SE) Data Structure and Applications BE-III (B) BE-III (A) BE-VI BE-III BE-IV BE-III (A) Network Circuit Analysis Digital Logic & Design Antenna & Wave Propagation Object Oriented Programming Microprocessor & Interfacing Network Circuit Analysis


Room No. 108 Mr. Junaid Bhatti Electronic Lab Mr.Ghulam Abbass ICT Lab ICT Lab Control-Lab Mr. Bilal Tirmizi Mr. Raheel Memon Mr. Bilal Tirmizi

TUESDAY 26-02-2013

3:30 to 6:45 9:00 to 12:10 9:00 to 12:10

Room No. 108 Mr. Junaid Bhatti Lab-II Ghulam Mujtaba Shaikh

BS-VI(CS&SE) Visual Programming *** BE-II Linear Circuit Analysis

WEDNESDAY 27-02-2013

9:00 to 12:10 9:00 to 12:10 9:00 to 12:10 3:30 to 6:45 9:00 to 12:10 9:00 to 12:10 9:00 to 12:10 3:30 to 6:45 9:00 to 12:10 9:00 to 12:10 3:30 to 6:45 3:30 to 6:45 10:00 to 1:20 09:00 to 12:10 09:00 to 12:10 10:00 to 1:20

Electronic Lab Mr. Fayazuddin Electronic Lab Mr. Ghulam Abbas ICT-Lab ICT-Lab Mr. Asif Rajput Mariyam Abro

BS-III(CS&SE) Digital Logic & Design BE-IV BE-VI BS-VIII (CS) BE-II BE-III (B) BE-IV BS-IV (CS) BE-VI BE-VII BS-VII (CS) BE-II BS-II(CS&SE) BE-VII BE-III Algorithms & Data Structures Digital Signal Processing Simulation & Modeling Programming for Engineers Digital Logic & Design Instrument & Measurement Database Management Systems Electronic Circuit Design Telecom Switching & Transmission Computer Graphics & Animations Electronic Devices & Circuits Object Oriented Programming Microwave & Redar Engineering
Computer Aided Engineering & Design

Room No. 108 Mr. Mir. M. Lodhro Room No. 108 Electronic Lab Electrical Lab ICT-Lab Control Lab Telecom Lab-I Room No. 107 Electrical Lab Room No. 108 Microwave Lab ICT-Lab Mr. Ismail Mangrio Mr.Ghulam Abbass Mr. Fayazuddin Dr. Abdur Rehman Mr. Aziz Altaf Mr.Muhammad Usman Dr. Qamar Uddin Mr. Junaid Bhatti Mr. Javed Shahani Mr. Bilal Tirmizi Ms. Mariyam Abro

SATURDAY 02-03-2013

FRIDAY 1-03-2013

THURSDAY 28-02-2013

9:00 to 12:10 9:00 to 12:10


Workshop Practice Optical Fibre Communication

Electrical Lab Mr. Junaid Bhatti Telecom Lab Mr. Aziz Altaf

Controller of Examinations Sukkur IBA

Dean & Director Sukkur IBA

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